Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Review | Born Pretty Store Round Neon Paillettes for Nail Art

Neon hued clothes and accessories have been a huge hit lately but if you're not brave enough to wear a statement piece, you can still rock the trend on your nails thanks to Born Pretty Store's Round Neon Paillettes.

You get a small jar of round neon confetti where the sizes are mixed, hence you get endless nail art possibilities. The paillettes are big enough for so called placement nail designs where you pick the paillettes one by one and place them on your nails to create beautiful designs.

I opted for a simple half moon manicure to try them out and I really liked how the combination turned out. The paillettes retained the colour and they stayed put for a whole five days until I took off the manicure.

Check out Born Pretty Store to get your neon paillettes for just $4.36 and free shipping! 

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Review | Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara in Black

Mascara is a staple product in my stash and I never ever leave the house without it. I tend to switch to waterproof versions in summer and on rainy days in winter so a good waterproof mascara is a must for me. 

When I was looking for a replacement for my old mascara in the beginning of summer, the choice of brand was obvious...Max Factor! I have never been disappointed with a Max Factor mascara and I have rekindled my love for their False Lash Effect mascara.

The False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara cannot go unnoticed with its chunky black packaging and metallic blue band at the top, indicating it is the waterproof version. The silicon wand is also on the chunky side but with its short bristles, it is guaranteed to reach even the shortest of lashes for an effortlessly fanned-out false lash effect. The pigmentation is excellent too! This is one of the blackest mascaras I have ever tried and once it's dry, it doesn't clump the lashes.

Left ~ wearing Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara
Right ~  bare lashes

Now for the waterproof part...if there is a mascara that claims to be waterproof under any circumstance and it stays on, it is definitely this one! The only way I can get it off is with waterproof makeup remover and I like to rest a soaked cotton disc for a few seconds on my eyes first then gently wipe the mascara away. 

I have never had issues with lashes falling off while taking off this mascara or throughout the time of wear. Moreover, I have never experienced irritation to my eyes even when wearing contact lenses.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara retails for €13.65 and can be found at various stockists around the island. For more information, check out Max Factor Malta on Facebook.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Review | Yves Rocher Volumizing Shampoo & Texturising Styling Spray

Fine hair can be a nightmare to style, especially when the problem is even more aggravated with the hair being oily. Luckily for people like me, there's the Yves Rocher Volumizing Shampoo and Texturising Styling Spray to save the day!

I was suggested to try this shampoo and styling spray duo on my visit to the Yves Rocher Paola shop earlier last month specifically because they contains organic mallow which gives the hair a volume boost. I was also told to apply the shampoo to dry hair first to remove as much oil as possible then proceed as usual and apply the spray to the roots before blow-drying. And let me tell you, it did make a huge difference!

Let's have a look at the shampoo first. You get 300ml of product in a completely recyclable bottle and the product itself is biodegradable too! I like the shape of the bottle as it is more travel friendly than the usual round ones and being transparent, I can tell when I need to repurchase.

The consistency is on the watery side so a little goes a long way and lathers up nicely to give the hair a feeling of cleanliness. Moreover, the shampoo carries a light, herbal scent and is free from silicone, parabens and colourants so you know you are treating your hair to something good!

The complementing product is the Texturising Styling Spray which I prefer to use on wet hair before blow-drying. I flip my head upside down and spray some product to the roots of my hair before massaging it in and style my hair. 

Again the bottle is fully recyclable and the spray nozzle delivers an even mist. The spray also carries the same herbal scent as the shampoo and is also free from silicone, parabens and colourants. This time, you get 200ml of product and with the bottle being transparent, you can easily tell when you need to buy a back-up.

I have noticed a huge difference in the way my hair looks after I started using these products in sync and my hair looks more volumised and since both porducts are silicone free, my hair is not weighed down. Moreover, both products feel mild enough for everyday use.

I would recommend you visit one of the three Yves Rocher shops we have in Malta to find the ideal range for your hair type. And with the extensive variety they offer, you are sure to find a line that suits your hair's needs!

Yves Rocher Volumizing Shampoo retails for €6.90 and the Yves Rocher Texturising Styling Spray retails for €10.80. 

Yves Rocher are located in:

11, Bisazza street, SLIEMA (Next to Sorbino and Ice watch)
219, Merchants street, VALLETTA (Next to Pumpkins Patch and in front of Caruana or the Electro store)
76, Antoine de Paule square, PAOLA (Next to Gauda)

You can also check out their Facebook page to stay updated on their products and special offers they have from time to time!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Review | Pupa Milano Autumn 2014 Limited Edition Paris Experience I'M Lipstick 002 Berry Violet

Purples, teals, gold and all jewel tones in between are very popular during this time of year and Pupa Milano was once again spot on with the Autumn 2014 Limited Edition collection, Paris Experience. As soon as I saw 'Paris' in the name of the collection, I knew I had to get something from it and I picked up a lipstick in the shade 002 Berry Violet as it instantly appealed to me. 

Let me introduce you to the collection first, then I shall be reviewing the lipstick in more detail.

The collection consists of Vamp! Cream eyeshadows, 2 Multiplay pencils, 3 I'M Lipsticks, 1 Face Illuminator and 5 opulent shades of Lasting Colour Gel nail varnish. The inspiration behind the collection is actually the city of Paris and this is reflected in the palette of chosen colours and the lavish packaging of the products.

In fact, the lipstick that I have comes in a very attractive damask print box and the lipstick itself has a golden case with a mirror finish. The only issue I have with this packaging is the fact that fingerprints will show up all around the case...but I guess that's just me and my OCD.

I was immediately drawn to this particular shade of lipstick because it is the right kind of vampy purple that suits my pale skin tone and even though I have another 27685 lipsticks in a similar shade, this is the one that lasts the longest. For example, I wore it twice to go out for dinner and the colour only faded away a little. Deep berry purple with a shiny creme finish would be the exact description of this shade. The lipstick provides high pigmentation and a very comfortable wear combined with a very soft texture that glides easily on the lips. Moreover, the product is paraben free.

The lipsticks in the collection (RRP €12.45 each) are quite the covetable pieces along with the Face Illuminator and it's delicately intricate pattern. If you have read my other review on another I'M lipstick, you would know of the excellent performance of these little gems!

I highly suggest you check out this collection while it is still available at various pharmacies across Malta & Gozo. For more information please check out the Pupa Milano in Malta Facebook page and the Pupa Milano website.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Brand Hits & Misses | Sally Hansen

I'm sure you have seen this kind of posts on other blogs but for me, this is actually a first, where from time to time I shall be picking a brand and show you my favourite products and the ones I definitely won't repurchase.

First up is Sally Hansen, which I'm sure you've all heard of by now. The US brand has quite established itself in the nail care market and it offers a vast range of products to enhance and care for your nails.

I have tried quite a few of their products and although there are more hits than misses, some products have really let me down. Here go the hits first and then the misses!


Instant Cuticle Remover - probably my favourite out of the bunch! This is a little miracle in a bottle and I am always in awe at its rapid action in removing excess cuticle and it makes an excellent prepping product especially for gel manicures as on a clean nail plate, the polish adheres better. Oh and it's boyfriend approved too ;)

Cuticle Rehab - another favourite is this little wonder product that I always carry with me in my bag. It is basically a nourishing gel that you massage into the cuticles and it restores them after just one application!

Extra Strength Nail Polish Remover - although this is on the pricier side when compared to other polish removers, it is one of the best ones and it is ace for removing glitter polishes and darker colours effortlessly.

Xtreme Wear glitters - I love the glitter pay off with these polishes and my favourite two are 510 Strobe Flash and 540 Glitter Gun. They are stunners both when worn alone or layered on another polish.

Xtreme Wear Nail Colors - apart from the glitter polishes, the Xtreme Wear range also comprises some nice solid colours. I'm especially fond of them as they provide excellent application and some are even good with just one coat. The shade 300 White On is an exceptionally good white for French manicures too.

Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish - I only have one of these polishes but I can already foresee my collection expanding with a few of these shades. They have excellent colour payoff and the formula is a pleasure to work with. The brand claims that you don't even need a base and top coat with them and I really like the glossy finish.

Insta-Dri Chip-Resistant Top Coat - the last hit is this wonder top coat. I bought it after seeing a good number of positive reviews on it and now I can affirm that it lives up to the hype. It provides a high shine finish and manicure is dry to the touch within seconds. On me, this lasts for roughly 5 days before I can see some minor tip wear. Highly recommended!


Insta-Brite Nail Whitener - I bought this a while ago so it could help maintain my nails to a healthy colour but it didn't really do much. On the contrary, it made my nails look even more yellow than they actually were.

No More Breaks Nail Strengthener - again, another product bought out of desperation. I was going through a phase where my nails kept breaking all the time - something which was new to me so I thought of giving this a go. I made sure my nails were clean and applied it according to the instructions but after just a couple of minutes it kept peeling off. I tried whichever way to make it work but sadly, nothing could get it to work.

No Chip Top Coat - the last miss is this top coat which I bought as part of my search for the perfect top coat. Contrary to the Insta-Dri Top Coat, it says 'no chip' but as soon as it dried, it just cracked and peeled off together with the polish underneath. I tried it another time on completely dry polish and it did the same thing. Definitely not recommended.

And that concludes my first Brand Hits & Misses post! let me know what you think about this kind of post and also, what you think about Sally Hansen in general :) Any other products you recommend from the brand? Which brand would you like me to feature next?