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MFWA 2017 | Day 3 - Brides and Summer Vibes

Day 3 was the busiest day of MFW with 5 shows taking place back to back. Here is a run-down of four of them and click here to check out the show by Couture by Gaetano.

Carla Grima Atelier - Abloom

Photos by Matthew B. Spiteri

The first show for the night transported us to the now very near sunny summer days, lounging by the pool with friends and sipping cocktails in breezy printed silk kaftans and colourful swimwear from Carla Grima's Atelier.

The collection presented a number of beautiful pieces in a kaleidoscope of colours inspired by spring floral blooms, all meant to insinuate themselves around the human form for a luxurious resort-wear feel. The models took a stroll round the deck-chair and bar setup which further gave the collection a summery feel, and me a longing for more relaxed days!

Desiree - Less Is (not) More

Photos by: Go Raw Photography

Ever since I got introduced to Desiree and her work last year, I am always on the look-out for what she has to offer next, plus I always enjoy meeting this lady who exudes positive vibes with her contagious smile :)

This year, Desiree took her creations a step forward with leather bags created from scratch and then giving them her signature touch of paint. Of course there are shoes to match the bags. The theme is a play on words - Less Is (not) More and I think Desiree has really succeeded in challenging the common otion that less is more. Because of the recent collapse of the Azure Window, Desiree was inspired to dedicate this collection and pay tribute to some of our most loved icons especially Mdina Gate and the Azure Window and the Valletta skyline.

Well done once again Des!

Rosita Silk Sense - Serendipity feat. jewellery by Virag Andersson

Photos by: Ivan Borg

Following her amazing show last year, I was really looking forward to Rosita's show this year and even more so since I got to collaborate with her jewellery sponsor Virag Andersson. This year, Rosita's famous silk kaftans have made a comeback and she also launched silk ties and pocket squares for the men. Everything is literally a one of a kind wearable piece of art and I definitely know what I want from this collection.

As for Virag's jewellery, she uses metals, enamel and glass in her creations which is a combination unique to her. I got the pleasure to wear one of her necklaces and boy has it received a good feedback!

Ivory & Co.

Photos by: Steve Muliett

Lastly, we have Ivory & Co. who have presented a collection of bridal dresses and dresses that are more suited for wedding guests and close family members. I was really in my element yesterday with all these elegant shows happening. I just wish I could relive yesterday all over again (and gain another day of Fashion Week in so doing :P). 

Well, I gotta gear up for Day 4 tonight! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for updates from the night :)

Black Pleats - Outfit for Day 3 of MFWA 2017

It was time for me to finally wear this black pleated skirt that I bought specifically with fashion week in mind and although it is quite plain, I think it really does make a statement on it's own. I paired it with this burnt orange wrap bodice for a pop of colour.

Body suit, River Island | Skirt, Stradivarius
Shoes, Zara | Bag, Aldo | Ring, Viventy at 202 Jewellery | Bangle, Mango
Necklace, Virag Andersson

The silver heels and bag add an interesting touch to this outfit and they are really eye-catching agains the black skirt. I just love how this bag hold all of my essentials in it! It's so roomy and you can wear it on your shoulder or just carry it in your hands.

As for jewellery, I was thrilled to collaborate with Virag Andersson from Virag Design and I got to wear this beautiful necklace. It is made out of metal, glass and enamel and I think that the blue accents really compliment the orange top.

My  hair was styled with TRESemme Get Sleek product range to achieve a flawless, frizz-free, sleek blow dry.

What do you think of this outfit? Is it something you would wear?

MFWA 2017 | Day 3 - Gaetano's DIVAS

Day 3 of the Malta Fashion Week was a treat for everyone! It was hands down my favourite day so far especially since I know all the designers that presented their creations yesterday. All of them did an amazing job but I think we all agree that Gaetano stole the show! 

Wow! I am still in awe of all the elegant creations from Couture by Gaetano! I may be a little biased towards this collection as I have recently got to know Gaetano himself and I just think he is such a beautiful soul with an exceptional talent! Then again, once you have a look at the pictures you will see that I am not exaggerating at all. There was no doubt the show was going to be full up with guests even standing as Gaetano has really established himself as one of the renowned haute couture deisgners in Malta. Everyone was eagerly awaiting the show to start and let me tell you, it was well worth the wait throughout the whole evening!

The collection is inspired by Gaetano's favorite musical divas - the likes of Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Cher, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and our very own Claudia Faniello. All of these musical giants no doubt have a strong presence on stage and while most of their dominance is attributed to their voices, the clothes they wear also play a big part.

Rich fabrics, feathers, sequins, lace, embroidery - all of these elements provided the perfect recipe for Gaetano's success story yesterday! The colour palette also reflects the diva status - fiery reds, stark whites and opulent golds. Some of the white dresses were in fact even suitable for a bride to wear on her big day. To complement the dresses, regal up-do's were the order of the day and all throughout the show, you could see the looks of appreciation on everyone's faces.

As a grand finale, Claudia Faniello has made a surprise appearance and wowed us all by singing her Eurovision entry Breathlessly in of course a fabulous gown by Gaetano himself before the final defile of all 20 models.

Gaetano, well done once again! You surpassed all our expectations once again! Bravu! Can't wait to wear one of your creations on Saturday!

Snaps of people wearing Gaetano during last night's show:

Photo by Nicholas Borg

Photo by Mark Soler
Photo by Carmelo Establier
Photo by Justin Ciappara