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My experience on Elle TV

A couple of weeks ago, thanks to a very good friend of mine, I was invited to take part in a local television programme, Elle TV on Net Television. The programme focuses on fashion and beauty and each week a theme is chosen and tackled in the programme - for this week it was the white tie dress code.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to be part of this whole experience and on the day, I made my way to the studios, wearing my brand new Charles & Ron denims for my first time on TV! Upon arriving at the studios, I was greeted by Amy, had my makeup applied by Rebecca Mallia, the resident makeup artist on the show using Artdeco products and I finally got to meet and chat with the presenter, Dr. Thea Saliba.

After relaxing for a bit in the studio changing room, the cameras rolled on for my interview. I didn't feel very nervous at the time and I think it was a very pleasant experience overall. I got to witness the stages of production of the programme and today I got to see the final product - the programme being aired!

It feels even more weird seeing yourself on TV but it's an experience I will remember for the rest of my life and I feel so proud of my little blog for this achievement! Here are some snaps of my outfit and makeup for the show:

Blouse, Atmosphere at Primark | Jeans, Marilyn by Charles & Ron | Shoes, Bata
Necklace, Peacocks | Stainless steel & pearl bracelet, Morellato at Sunlab
Stainless steel bangle, Calvin Klein | Ring, Viventy at 202 Jewellery
Double stud pearl & pave' stones earrings, Sif Jakobs at 202 Jewellery

I will update this post with a link to the show in due time in case you missed it :)

Review | Born Pretty Store Transparent Stamper

Finally, all stamping nail art problems have been answered!! If you are familiar with stamping, you would know that one of the biggest issues with this nail art technique is the difficulty of knowing where you are placing an image on your nails, because it is kind of hard to see when using a fully opaque stamper.

Thankfully, Born Pretty Store have a new stamper in stock that actually looks like a magnifying glass and has a transparent squishy stamping head and you can even see through the hole on the opposite side. This makes it easier to know which part of an image you're picking up especially when it comes to the larger ones and also, you can see where you are actually placing the design on the nails.

All it took for the stamper to work was just a quick roll on a lint remover to prime it, take the usual steps for stamping, roll the stamper onto the image, et voila! the image is clearly picked up, ready to be stamped on your nails! This makes it perfect for placement and landscape manicures as well as a multitude of other nail art creations. The plate I have used for this nail art is also from Born Pretty Store and it is the BPL-007 plate. I'm not a big fan of the scraper that comes with this stamper though and I prefer using the transparent credit-card like one.

If you're a fan of stamping, I highly suggest you get this one even if you're a beginner. The price is $2.99 and you get 10% off your order with my code EBABK31 at checkout.

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Event | Introducing Teoxane Cosmeceuticals

Last week, I had the pleasure to attend an introductory presentation about award winning anti-aging skin care brand Teoxane Cosmeceuticals. I knew the brand would spark my interest as skin care backed by actual scientific research is right up my alley, and I wasn't disappointed!

Upon arriving, we were greeted by Claire and Dorianne as well as sushi rolls and a glass of Prosecco in the company's cozy offices where our hosts delivered a very detailed and inforamtive presentation about the brand Teoxane and their concept of anti-aging skin care.

If like me, you are new to Teoxane, here is a brief word of introduction. Teoxane Cosmeceuticals is a Swiss brand and was founded by Mrs. Valerie Taupin thirteen years ago. The key ingredient in their products is Resilient Hyaluronic Acid (RHA) which can be dubbed as a better form of Hyaluronic Acid, a natural component of our skin that helps us retain moisture levels. This patented RHA concept contributes towards a superior anti-ageing skin care program. Basically everything revolves around RHA and the principle that hydrations is better than moisturization.

It's always nice to get to know new skin care brands and now I look forward to trying out and reviewing the products that were given to us following the presentation. Keep your eyes peeled for the reviews for you will be amazed with the quality and prices (hint: they are not as expensive as you might think!).

Images from Teoxane website

January Collective Beauty Haul

I have been very good at sticking to my clothes buying ban this month but not so much when it comes to makeup - I did buy a few new things to add to my collection, because you know, I don't have this and I don't have that in my overflowing makeup drawers.

I placed an order on the KIKO website as they were on sale and you know how it goes, I 'needed' a few things. I got a CC Blur Skin Trainer for which I have high expectations, a lip scrub which I have heard very good things about, a Mixing Solution, Nail Lacquer Thinner, two eyeshadow sticks and some eyebrow products which I totally love and shall review shortly.

During an event hosted by the Make Up Store, I picked up a Smoothing Primer Powder and a Lip Pencil in Burlesque and they were kind enough to give me the Grass Microshadow as a gift. I have only tried the powder and all I have for it are words of praise!

Lastly, I went to MAC to pick up some things from their current collections and I walked out with Oh Lady! Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick, a Foiled Eyeshadow from the Faerie Whispers Collection in Fly By Twilight and a mini Fix+.

So that's it for this post, I hope you enjoyed it and maybe got inspired to get some of the things yourselves :) Watch out for some exciting posts and news next ;)

OOTD | Cocktail Hour

What better way to celebrate a birthday than a Sunday afternoon sipping cocktails with the celebrated and their friends? That is exactly how me and the Mister spent our Sunday afternoon and I really enjoyed taking my time to do my makeup and pick an outfit for the occasion.

I wanted to wear something chic and comfy as the weather is still on the cooler side at the moment so I opted for my favourite denims of the moment and a new shirt I got from London last month. Add to them my favourite black heels and silver jewellery, a timeless black blazer and I was good to go.

As for makeup I wanted to test drive the new MAC Cosmetics Retro Matte Lipstick in the shade Oh Lady! and boy did it pass the test! (more on that in a dedicated review post though). Here are a couple of pictures the Mister patiently took of me before the sun went down :)

Blazer, Mango | Denim jeans, Charles & Ron | Shirt, H&M | Shoes, Nine West
Necklace, Peacocks | Ring, Spinning Jewellery at 202 Jewellery
Earrings, Sif Jakobs Jewellery at 202 Jewellery