Have your cosmetics expired?

Ever wondered what this symbol on the back of cosmetics ranging from sprays to shampoos, from lip balms to sunscreens and everything else in between means?

Well now stop wondering :P This symbol simply shows for how long the product will be fit for use from the date of opening. So for example, the picture shows the number 12, therefore the product will only be good for one year. If the number is 3, it will only hold for 3 months and so on and so forth.

A quick word about sunscreens and other lotions...when you first buy a lotion, its texture is in fact that of a lotion i.e. creamy and not liquid. When the creams are pst their expiration date, they will turn liquid and you may see a clear liquid on top of the cream. That is a sign that you should throw away the product not keep it for the years to follow!!! The clear liquid is the emulsifying solution used to keep the product together and once that is no longer good, parabens in the product will form free radicals in the skin causing it to slowly mutate the cells and possibly lead to cancers.
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  1. Anonymous18/4/11 19:42

    some of my cosmetics were expired and I really check there date so that I won't messed up using expired products

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