e.l.f. haul no.3 :D

Oh the joy today when the postman came with a little brown box in hand :D I 'forgot' I had to prepare for my nail extensions lesson and took some time to open up the box and take a look at my babies!!!

This time it was a rather shy order but I just love the feeling of getting a brown box with the e.l.f. cosmetics logo on my doorstep hehe :P

Here is what I got this time:

- Studio Daily Brush Cleaner
- Studio Warm Bronzer
- Nail polish in Blush
- Professional Shine Erasers

And here are the individual products and a swatch of the Warm Bronzer shades:

Lara xoxo
4 comments on "e.l.f. haul no.3 :D"
  1. the brush cleaner really smells nice ay!! bdw you're gonna love the warm bronzer and the shine erasers work wonders!

  2. Yes it does Mar!!

    I'm gonna try them all out this wkend :)

  3. Oooo!! Could you please please swatch the Nailpolish in Blush? <3

  4. I love the Warm Bronzer and the Shine Erasers! :) The Brush Cleaner is nice too! :)