Gel nail extensions course: an update

Today I had my second lesson of gel nail extensions and this time, I took Mum as a model.

We did the first method for French tip and she chose pearl white as the tip colour instead of regular white. Here is a picture of her full set:

I improved on the buffing technique so I did better than the first time.

I am really looking forward to the other lessons to get better and qualify and thereby fulfilling one of my life's goals...become a nail technician :)

Lara xoxo
2 comments on "Gel nail extensions course: an update"
  1. Looks great you are doing well hun. I worked as a nail technician for a few years its harder than it looks lol x

  2. Thank you nicoletta :D yeah it is a bit hard to get used to but I love it! x Thank you for your lovely comment :) xx