My Lip Gloss Collection and some reviews

Hello there sweeties :)

This review will be a bit different from my previous ones because I will include all the lip glosses I have and I will do short reviews on each of them. Enjoy reading through :)

I'm going to start with my latest additions which I am now addicted to thanks to e.l.f. for sending them as a free gift with my last order. These are the bottom 3 lip glosses in the picture above. I got 3 shades:

- Iced Latte
- Malt Shake
- Goddess

My favourite has got to be Goddess. It's more of the colour I normally go to for my lips. However, I was surprised that the other two are not that dark against my fair complexion :) What I like about these lip glosses is the sweet smell and taste and also the fact that they are not sticky at all (this has also been confirmed by my boyfriend :P). They really last long as well. And here they are in their pretty pouch which e.l.f. supplied them in :) :

My next two most used lip glosses are the Nivea one (uppermost peachy tube) and the clear one with the pink cap which is by Rimmel. The Nivea one is called Caregloss and Shine in Neutral from their Lip Care range and the Rimmel one is from the Shock Gloss range and its 200 Clearly Clear.

The Nivea lip gloss is always shifting from one bag to the other; which ever I choose to take with me when I'm out. It has a really pleasant smell and glides on smoothly without being sticky. The neutral colour ensures it goes with every look.

The clear gloss by Rimmel is a bit sticky but not that much it still gives me a good result...worn alone or on lipstick. What I like about it is the spatula applicator because it gathers just the right amount of gloss for precise application. Here is a picture of the applicator:

Another favourite is one I got as a gift last month (I even included it in my June favourites) for redeeming 50 make up points on Meg's Make up (just send me an email if you want me to send you an invite to join). It is one my faves for various reasons:

1. I love the packaging
2. It's high end
3. Its colour
4. The soft applicator brush
5. Its minty taste
6. A small mirror is included on the cap

Here are pictures of the packaging, applicator and mirror...

Next, are the two middle tubes...the pink one and the yellowish one.

The pink one, I received it as a gift last Christmas and it was part of a set from Primark. I love the smell of sweets it has and the pink colour. However, I dislike the stickiness of the product...I still use it though. Who can ever refuse a pink lip gloss :P ??

The yellowish one is from The Body Shop and it is also a bit sticky. I use it mainly for nights out because it is glittery and I think glitter should be left for the night.

Another The Body Shop purchase...Born Lippy Lip Balm in Passion Berry. I love these lip balms and can't seem to get enough of them (I had a Strawberry one too)! Not only do they taste lovely, but besides protecting your lips with a just-seen sheen, they are also glossy so I use it as a lip gloss as well. I don't carry it around with me because it is in a pot and I hate sticking my finger in a pot without being able to wash my hands afterwards...not to mention contaminating the product itself. What I do instead is I use a small lip brush to apply it.

Finally, the last one is from L'Oreal and it is called Glam Shine Crystals in Coral Strass 301. I bought this lip gloss from Corfu Airport last year before I departed back home. Since it is somewhat glittery I also like to use it at night. It has a sponge applicator and it is not sticky and lasts well.

Hope you enjoyed this article!

Stay beautiful,

Lara xoxo
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