Review: Angel Professional Water Element Nourishing Cream

Angel Professional Water Element Nourishing Cream was one of my prizes for winning a local competition earlier this year by supplying a new slogan for Angel Hair Care Products in Malta. I got a €20 voucher to spend on products and I got this cream (€8) along with a shampoo and conditioner for oily hair (€6.50 each).

However, the first time I got the chance to try this product was on holiday last summer in Corfu (how I wish I'm still there!). I was given some complimentary sample sachets of the cream when I visited the Malta Trade Fair and took them with me abroad.

This is what it says on the jar:

'Enriched with extract of NMF from ocean organisms, it keeps the hair nourished and moisturized. Derived from several kinds of natural plant piths, it accelerates cell recovery and prevents hair cells from oxidizing, leaving the hair shiny and healthy'

It is suggested that you use the product as a conditioner after shampooing but to leave it act for 10 - 15 minutes with the hair covered with a warm towel or shower cap.

I found it impractical to wait with the product on my hair for a quarter of an hour after shampooing especially if I'm taking a shower which is what I do everyday (I only take a long bath for special occasions or after stressful days to unwind). Also, when I used it as a conditioner after shampooing, I found that I started getting mild dandruff.

Not to let the product go to waste, I found a way to use it without compromising my scalp's health :)

What I do is I comb an appropriate amount into my hair from roots to tips and tuck my hair into a plastic shower cap (generates heat and aids the product in penetrating my hair) before showering and leave it for 15 minutes. I then rinse it thoroughly with warm water, shampoo as usual, condition my hair for 2 minutes and rinse with cold water; blow-drying and styling follows. The result? Soft, shiny, manageable hair that smells devine!! (they are called Angel after all!)... without a trace of dandruff! So it definitely lives up to its description. I find this treatment particularly good after a day at the beach and also whenever my hair needs a shine boost. On average I do this twice a month.

The product comes in 500g(16.6 fL. oz.) format so it is good value for money. It feels like a cream should and have a particularly nice smell. It is manufactured by Dancoly Cosmetique, France
4 comments on "Review: Angel Professional Water Element Nourishing Cream"
  1. I bought this one as well last Feb ... and have only used it about 3 times. I also found it impractical to leave it for 15 mins. And later found out that it has got some ingredients which are not really good for your hair, and make your hair extra hot when using hot tools.. thus damaging your hair. Now I'm trying to buy my hair products organic :)

  2. I love this cream. It makes my hair very soft, when I'm working with hot tools I'm using Angel Refined Oil, even my favorite Kerastase products didn't give such great result as Angel products.

  3. Angel products are the best here in Malta. I really like the way my hair feels after I use their products!