Review: Attirance Cosmetics Shower Gels in Strawberry & Chocolate

I got to know about this Latvian cosmetics brand, Attirance through my boyfriend because a friend of his imports their products to Malta.

A small word about their philosophy...

'genuine naturalism that creates the desire for physical and emotional comfort, and helps us enjoy harmony in life'.

All the cosmetics produced are made from natural ingredients and range from soaps to shower gels, body creams to scented candles and so on.

My boyfriend, knowing how much I love scented shower gels and natural skin care, asked me if I wanted to try them. Obviously I said yes and got a chocolate shower gel to try it.

It smells so good, it is good enough to eat. And it really does form a foamy lather (something which I really like). I loved the shower gel so much I got another one. This time I got Strawberry. It also smells as scrumptiously good as the chocolate one. When this one finished as well, my boyfriend bought me both of them again :D and here they are:

Both shower gels contain aloe vera extract, vitamin B5 and natural betain. About their shower gels, Attirance say:
'The Attirance shower gel line consists of six inspirational aromas. The positive energy of natural essential oils will be released like a good genie from the bottle very time you wash. With the diligence of a kind fairy, shower gels will ensure effective skin cleansing and care. Essential oils act on the body both physically, and seemingly unnoticeably, on an emotional level. While in the shower, essential oils easily penetrate skin cells, thus slowing down the aging processes, and promoting cell regeneration. Added vitamin B5 promotes wound healing and improvement of overall skin condition. Shower gel gently cleans the skin and the essential oils included have a positive effect on the health of the skin, as they richly soften and moisturize'.

The shower gels come in a 250ml format so you get to enjoy the lovely aromas and softness they offer for quite a long time.
5 comments on "Review: Attirance Cosmetics Shower Gels in Strawberry & Chocolate"
  1. Hi, does you boyfried's friens still imports these products to Malta please ?

    1. Hi Kim, I'll ask him and I'll get back to you asap :)

    2. Hi Kim, he no longer imports them unfortunately. Good day!

  2. Hi Kim,

    I have some good news.If you are still interested in the Attirance Products,they will soon be available in Malta in the coming weeks.Hopefully next week the samples will arrive along with the booklets with all the info and prices.
    I will be glad to post you one if you would like.
    You can follow us on facebook-Attirane Malta.We already have a good feedback from some people and already started placing their orders.
    Free gifts will be given with every purchase.Still to discuss the amount.
    If you have any queries,please do not hesitate to contact me.You can send me an e mail on-

    Kind Regards


  3. Hi.. Are you a franchisee of this company. I would like to know your feedback about the company and its product