Review: Fraulein 38 20 pieces Make-up Brush Set

Hey lovelies ;)

Today I will do a short review on Fraulein 38 20 pieces Make-up Brush Set.

I bought this make-up brush set for a course in Beauty Care I attended at the beginning of this year. I was hunting for a good brush set for ages and I finally settled on this one. I really like the black leather case in which the brushes come in and also the red hairs of some of them.

What I really like about these brushes is the softness of the hairs and the fact they give an excellent result each time. Also, they dry really quickly after thorough washing!

All of the brushes had a plastic sleeve each on their handle but I removed them; however, I did keep the thicker, upper plastic sleeves of the powder (face) brush, blusher brushes and fan brush.

The brushes that make up the set are as follows:

- Eyelash comb and eyebrow brush
- Eyelash and eyebrow wand
- Lip brush
- Eyeshadow wedge applicator
- Slanting blending brush (small)
- Small round blending brush
- Medium round blending brush
- Larger round blending brush
- 2 medium eyeshadow brushes
- Defining eye brush
- Fan brush
- Eyeliner brush
- Concealer brush
- Medium eyeshadow brush
- 2 large eyeshadow brushes
- Slanting blusher brush
- Conventional blushes brush
- Face brush
4 comments on "Review: Fraulein 38 20 pieces Make-up Brush Set"
  1. I have the other set of the reddish wooden like handles and I absolutely love them to use on people!

  2. i have this set too, and it's really great i agree with you on the softness of the brushes!

  3. Nice nice ^^ where can I find it? (Im not a profesional, just a girl that loves make up and wants a good brush set :))

  4. hey there! I got this off ebay but you can also get from the Fraulein website :) it is if i'm not mistaken