Review: Hawaiian Tropic Aftersun Moisturizer

An aftersun moisturizing lotion is an essential product in every beauty case especially in hot climates to soothe sunburnt skin and control peeling (using an aftersun lotion does not however mean you can bask in the sun)!

Personally I like an aftersun to contain Aloe Vera extracts due to the plant's skin soothing properties. Hawaiian Tropic Aftersun Moisturizer (200ml), which is the product I am going to review, not only contains Aloe Vera, but also Vitamins A and E which further replenish lost moisture from the skin. Another reason why I like this product so much is that despite having quite a thick consistency, it is rapidly absorbed in the skin and has a very nice and fresh smell.

Thick consistencies are the best bet for skin that has been exposed to the sun's rays. This is because the skin would have lost moisture and becomes more dry than usual and thus a thick consistency like Hawaiian Tropic's lotion ensures total replenishment in a short time. I store mine in the fridge and when I apply it feels like a really refreshing, welcoming & soothing treat.

I used to use Hawaiian Tropic Aftersun Aloe Cooling Gel but I found it left me with sticky skin so I turned to its counterpart and I don't regret the move at all.

The bottle is also quite sleek and is therefore ideal to carry on travels.

As a concluding remark, I give this product my thumbs up and will definitely remain faithful to it!

And you ladies, which aftersun do you prefer and why?
3 comments on "Review: Hawaiian Tropic Aftersun Moisturizer"
  1. Thanks for the review this sounds lovely. I am not loyal to any aftersun but i do look for aloe vera content as i know how good it is for sunburn. x

  2. It is one of the key ingredients a good aftersun should have in fact :) xx

  3. I'm not using any aftersun, I never did :/ but I love Hawaiian Tropic sunscreens!! :D maybe I'll try this aftersun!