Review: The Land of Corfu Olive Oil Organic Body Scrub

Last year I made my dream come true when I visited the beautiful and peaceful island of Corfu (Greece). I've been wanting to visit Greece and the Greek Islands since forever mainly because of the scenery that surrounds the lands. Then, when I found out that my great great grandfather was actually born in Corfu I really wanted to go asap to visit the beautiful country. I really enjoyed my whole stay; people are friendly, breathtaking views surround you from every corner, historical sites (one of which is directly related to Malta), etc...

Here's a taste of Corfu before I start the review:

I was really amazed at the quantity of Olive trees in Corfu... everywhere you look it's olive trees, olive trees & more olive trees!! In fact, most of the country's income is from products of the olive tree besides tourism.

When we visited Corfu Town (capital city), there were quite a lot of shops selling gifts crafted from the bark of the olive tree such as photo frames, kitchen utensils, chess boards, jewellery, home ornaments, you name it! There were also a number of shops selling beauty goods made from the products of the olive tree. These shops to me were like heaven :P and I spent a lot of time going round one of the teeny tiny shops to see what to get my hands on and I got *drumroll* not one but two tubs of Organic Olive Oil Body Scrub :D I also bought a lavender scented olive oil bar of soap, some olive oil to take home, a bracelet and a pair of earrings carved from the olive tree bark. Here is a picture:

And now on to the review...

I am a big fan of body scrubs and consequently, I am always on the look out for new ones to try. At the time I purchased these two, I was running out on my previous scrub (I think it was from The Body Shop and it was Shea Butter) so I decided to stock up and bought two (they cost €7 each for 200ml). The fact that the scrub is organic and a natural product made me go for it instantly. It contains (among other ingredients) olive extracts, aloe, almond oil, vitamin E and provitamin B5. We are all aware of the moisturizing properties these key ingredients have on our skin. I also use the scrub as part of my manicure routine since olive oil is known to strengthen nails.

When you open the jar, the smell of kumquat (typical fruit) welcomes you. There is also a protective plastic cover which you can replace when ready. The scrub has a really thick, creamy, consistency with small-sized orangish granules. Thereby, due to its consistency, the scrub is perfect for dry skin. The granules are not that harsh either so sensitive and easily-reddened skin might benefit from this product.

Personally, I use the scrub every other day and it lasts quite a long time (the first one last me like 7 months and this one is still going on). The scrub has a 6 month expiry period but past that, it still carries out its function properly without compromising consistency (at least for 1 month past the expiry date). I like how it smoothes my skin without being harsh and at the same time make it smell lovely.

I found this product so good, I think my hunt for body scrubs will stop here as I intend to buy more of it online from the company's website and probably even try out some of their other products
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  1. I've never been to Corfu, but I'm really tempted to try that body scrub!!! lol ! Thanks! ;)