Review: Marks & Spencer Cocoa Butter and Vanilla Hand and Body Lotion

This lotion was part of a gift-set I received for Christmas. The set also included 2 shower gels, a roll-on deodorant (which I gave to my Mum as I don't use roll-ons) and a hand wash all in a pretty yellow wicker basket.

I love the combination of moisturizing cocoa butter and fragrant vanilla as it leaves my skin silky smooth and smelling nice for hours. In fact, on the bottle, there's written:

'Specially formulated with natural extracts of cocoa butter and vanilla, this hand and body lotion will soften and moisturize your skin, leaving it feeling smooth.'

I like the pump dispenser because I can control how much product comes out, therefore none of it will go to waste. Also, I find it practical on my lazy days hehe because I just press the dispenser once or twice and slather it on.

I keep the bottle on the bathroom sink so that I apply some right after I wash my hands to replenish lost moisture due to the chemicals in the hand wash. I also apply body lotion every day after I shower to keep my skin soft and supple.

This is not the first body lotion I ever tried from M&S and I was always pleased with the results. In fact they are my go-to body lotions when I want to buy another one! All of the M&S body lotions have a 12 month fit-for-use period.
3 comments on "Review: Marks & Spencer Cocoa Butter and Vanilla Hand and Body Lotion"
  1. This sounds lovely, i just love anything with vanilla in xx

  2. Yeah me too nicoletta :) it just smells lovely :)