Review: Nailene Bedazzle Nail Art stickers in Earth Angel

As you may recall, I recently posted a short post about some Nailene and Revlon products that were sent to me to review for the company (no payments involved). You can view the post here.

The first review will be about Nailene Bedazzle Nail Art stickers in Earth Angel. I decided to give these a go because they are sooooo cute ^.^. Designs vary from butterflies to flowers to upside-down tiara-like stickers to letters and other motifs with curly ends...

... very Earthy don't you think? :P Even the package has an earthy feel... the colour scheme, the flowers adorning it... everything! See how it looks:

The outer plastic packaging is the same as for the Cuticle Pumice Sticks I reviewed in this post and inside are four small, transparent, thin plastic 'covers' each of which hold 4 small sheets of stickers. These 'covers' are connected to each other in a concertina fashion and you can take out the sheets from the sides.

The amount of stickers is well over a 100, 196 to be exact (almost double than that stated on the pack insert!!). Besides the Earth Angel set, they also have Fashionista and Superstar; you can have a look at them here.

I decided to try the embossed silvery ones with a faint black outer lining. Here is my creation for which I used a half butterfly sticker and a flower with slightly inward indented petals:

The stickers are very easy to peel off the backing and apply to your nails. I used a fine-tipped rhinestone nipper to place them in the correct orientation. They adhere instantly and they are very durable.

I only applied one coat of clear top coat to my nails during the week (and over) I've been wearing the stickers on my nails and I went swimming, showered, did full sets of gel nails, you name it... and yet they stayed there, polish and all INTACT!!! Now I'm really looking forward to try all the other stickers with different nail looks.

I definitely recommend these stickers for quick, cute and on-trend enhancements to your nails. They are a very good alternative to nail art for a different look that screams 'fashionable nails in an instant'!

You can view Nailene's whole range of products by clicking here
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