Review: Nailene Cuticle Pumice Sticks + Some info on cuticles and cuticle care

Hello my lovelies :)

In this post, as the title suggests, I will be giving some info on what cuticles are how to take good care of them, together with a review on Nailene's Cuticle Pumice Sticks, which as you'll find out, are a much better alternative to cutting the cuticles out. Enjoy...

What are cuticles?

Ever since I started enriching my knowledge about nails and nail art, I always read in a variety of books and internet sources that you shouldn't cut your cuticles.

In simple terms, the cuticle is that thin strip around the base of the nail that protects the new cells underneath from infection or damage. Therefore, the cuticle grows from the finger to overlap and protect the nail plate and form a rim around the base of the nail. Here is an image to show you exactly where the cuticle is situated:

The cuticle is perhaps the most important part of the nail, protecting both the nail matrix and with its delicate tissues and cells below the nail plate which are actively forming the hard nail. Its purpose is to protect against debris, fungi and bacteria that can damage the matrix and the nail bed.

Gentleness is key when caring for your cuticles since vigorous trimming or pushing back cuticles as well as the use of harsh chemical solvents may cause ridges in the nail. Therefore, wearing rubber gloves while doing house chores helps protect both your hands and cuticles.

A key point to note is that once the cuticle is damaged, the watertight space under the nail fold is laid open to moisture and becomes a potential breeding ground for bacteria, which can lead to a number of unwanted infections.

Caring for your cuticles

The cuticles are a very delicate area and thus, as stated earlier, it is important to treat them gently. Here are a few tips on how to take care of them:

- Push back your cuticles right after a bath or shower or after soaking your nails in water for some time. You will achieve a neater result and they will be softer to work on.

- Never cut your cuticles. Besides leaving you prone to infections, this will make cuticles become tougher and thicker than before.

- Use a cuticle moisturizing oil (like this) on a daily basis. This helps strengthen the nails as well as soften and condition dry cuticles. If you don't have cuticle oil, you can use baby oil or olive oil.

- Wear gloves whilst doing house chores.

- Apply a highly moisturizing hand cream frequently, preferably after each time you wash your hands. Use one with a pump dispenser, that way you'll be more inclined to use it. Also, try slathering on a thick layer of hand cream (or body cream on your feet) before you go to bed and wear an old pair of gloves (or socks!) and sleep in them... by morning your hands and feet will be baby soft!


And now, on to the review.

So , here's a picture of the product I will be reviewing:

I bought these cuticle sticks recently because I had run out of the others I was using. I thought these are a good purchase because they have a pushing side and a grit side to exfoliate away excess cuticles.

Here's what there is written on the package insert:

'Nailene brings the salon home to you with professional Cuticle Pumice Sticks. Featuring a grit end and a wood end, these 2-in-1 manicure sticks safely push back and exfoliate cuticles.'

The recommended directions of use are as follows:

'- Remove all nail products and clean and dry nails
- Using the wood end of the cuticle stick, push back the cuticles
- Using the grit side of the stick, gently exfoliate excess skin from cuticles
- Wash hands'

The pack contains 6 of these cuticle pushers which look like this one here:

On my nails, I have never used the grit end but I only use the wooden end. The stick is very ergonomic and the wood feels smooth to the touch and I never had any problems using them till now.

The grit end, however, I did use it on my Mum's nails and other people who asked me to do them a manicure and needed to have some cuticle removed. The comments were that the grit is gentle enough to remove excess cuticles without damaging the nail or its surrounding skin; so I guess they would give these sticks a five star rating.

What I dislike about these sticks is their packaging. You have to open it up very gently otherwise you'll end up with the cuticle sticks all over the place...but it's a small price to pay for the quality of these sticks. Pricing was also reasonable although I can't remember how much they cost me exactly.

I hope you enjoyed this rather longish article :)

Feel free to ask any questions or want clarification on some point or other :)

As always, take care and stay beautiful :)

Lara xoxo
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