Review: Nailene Ultra Quick Pink Brush-on Nail Glue

This is the second product that I tried from the whole nailene & Revlon package I received earlier this month for reviewing.

The product is Nailene Ultra Quick Pink Brush-on Nail Glue. On the back and the front of the package it says that you can use it for both natural and artificial nails and that is what I did!

I used the glue to glue some false nails for a client and I was impressed at the quick drying time (quicker than the usual glue) and the client hasn't had a nail fall off for over two weeks.

I also go to use the glue on my own nails. A week ago, I had a split in my thumb's nail and I managed to save it till I got home and repaired it with the glue. I followed the instructions and applied the glue and buffed the area to a smoother finish It stayed put and the nail is still there...WHOLE!! For both cases, there are instructions on how to apply the glue on the back of the package.

However, I still have mixed feelings about this product. Let's start with the pros first.

The first thing I noticed about this glue is the size; it is 5g and therefore larger than the ones that come with the false nails (these are usually 2 or 3g). Also, the applicator is a brush and therefore allows for precise application (especially on the natural nails) with a conveniently sized brush:

The glue is pink for a more natural tint that resembles the nail bed and I have to say I agree with this statement as there were no traces of the glue like the whitish residues you usually get.

Now to the cons...

One of the first things to notice about this glue is the warnings on the bottle label:


It is a good thing that the glue dries quickly on the nails but not as good if it bonds the eyes and skin. On the label there is also written what to do in such cases and also when not to use the product. Nailene did a great job here in printing this information.

However, what I really disliked about this glue is the pungent & irritating smell. In fact, there is a warning to open the bottle directed away from the face on the outer package. Consequently, I recommend you work with this product in a well ventilated area and if you find it insupportable, wear a mask. Also, take extra care to open the bottle away from any asthmatic client or clients with respiratory problems to prevent any mishaps.

Despite the smell, I think I will still consider buying this glue as I really liked its overall performance. I think I'd give it a 3.5/5 rating.

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