Review: Revlon Cuticle Moisture Oil 985

In this post I will be reviewing one amazing product...Revlon Cuticle Moisture Oil 985.

It is only recently that I started using a cuticle oil because I thought that just massaging hand cream into the cuticles will keep them soft. The hand cream did keep them soft but it did not however provide the nutrients a cuticle needs to perform its function effectively i.e. protecting the nail. Another factor that kept me from purchasing a cuticle oil is the fact that I don't have dry cuticles.

So, you may ask, how come did I start using it? And the answer to that is simply...I had to buy it for a course I was attending since we were having a manicure/pedicure practical and it was included in the list of this we needed!

After I've used the oil for a couple of times, I noticed that my nails grew much longer and stronger. At this point I was thinking how could I have not used such a product for a long time??? Anyway, let's see how the product looks...

The picture shows how the product is presented. It looks like a clear nail varnish except that it is more fluid, doesn't smell and evaporates quickly after massaging into the cuticle.

The applicator is also identical to that of a nail polish and it makes it easier to apply the product without messing up your manicure. However, there are various other applicators and formulations such as roll-ons and creams depending on the state of your cuticles and also the method you are most comfortable working with.

As I said earlier, I found the product really works wonders and I definitely give it my thumbs up and I swear I will never ever be caught without it ;P

Finally here is a picture of where to apply the oil:

I hope you enjoyed this review and in the meantime stay beautiful :)

Lara xoxo
5 comments on "Review: Revlon Cuticle Moisture Oil 985"
  1. Would you still recommend this?

  2. Of course I would Enigma! I even have a bottle to use on my clients as it is such a lovely product! And besides, I use this everyday and it looks like I haven't used it at all so it will definitely last a long long time!

  3. Please help... I need something to fix and stop hangnails and hard skin around my nails not only is it constantly painful it dosnt look nice.

    1. Crystal, the key is to moisturize your hands daily. As for the hangnails, invest in a cuticle nipper and gently trim the excess skin. Cut as close to the skin as possible and moisturise by rubbing a little olive oil into the skin. You can also use a scrub made out of olive oil and sea salt to eliminate dry skin, moisturise, nourish and repair :)