Stamping Nail Art & Update Re: Gel Nail Extensions Course

By now, I think you are very aware that I am really passionate about nails and nail art. I am always looking out for new designs for myself and my clients and a few months ago, I decided to give stamping nail art a go and bought a set of 8 image plates and 2 french-tip plates off ebay to see how everything will turn out. I started searching youtube for tutorials on how to use the plates, stampers and scrapers and I've seen very good videos. However, all of them seemed to promote the Konad system.

When I searched for the plates, I found they were really expensive and I was putting off the thought of using them at all. Just as I was giving up all hopes, crops up a video showing another, cheaper and equally good system - GCOCL. I searched on ebay for such image plates and got 8 of them + a free stamper and scraper for like £8. I then looked for more plates this time for french tips and got another two for €3.

Here are all the plates I own till now:

Designs vary from flowers (actually most of them are floral), animals, abstract designs, etc. There is even a Hello Kitty motif!

I use regular nail polishes, no special polishes or stuff like that. Regular polishes work perfectly well for me.

Click here for instructions on the various techniques you can employ to use stamping nail art.

And here two of my creations:


Nail Extension Course Update

Today, I had my third lesson and I took a news caster as a model and as a bonus I will have my name included in the final credits list :D

I did another french manicure with a pearl white tip and this time, the model wanted round tips so I learnt to do that as well (sorry I don't have a pic this time).

With regards the builder gel, I have to say I have improved greatly and now I am more confident dealing with it.

So, overall I was pleased with myself today. Hope next week's infills won't be too difficult.

Stay Beautiful,

Lara xoxo
5 comments on "Stamping Nail Art & Update Re: Gel Nail Extensions Course"
  1. I saw them stampers on ebay too but am no where near confident enough to try them just yet. My nail art pens and rhinestones arrived today -super pleased with them too. Not sure when I'l get a chance to try them properly as I'm so busy at work. Good news is....haven't been tempted to niblle my nails in 3 weeks :D

  2. Hmmm... should I try something like that? I'm quite clumsy! lol

    @Hannah yayyyyyyyy good job on not biting the nails!!


  3. Lara what do you think of this one? :

    Can you give me the link of the seller you got yours from? :)


  4. Congratulations Hannah on not biting your nails :D

    Stavroula, I think the machine you showed me sounds great if you are saying you're a bit clumsy with polish. I didn't buy the machine because I have quite steady hands.

    Here's the set I got:

    xx :)

  5. Check out my blog Lara, I posted about some amazing nail art plates I found on amazon, woohoooooo!!! :D :D :D