This morning's teeny weeny haul

So, this morning I was up earlier than usual waiting for my postie to get me my little brown box of elf cosmetics goodies but he didn't turn up ;(. Guess I'll have to wait till tomorrow.

Anyways, I helped my Mum with her daily errands and ended up buying a bigger storage box for all my nail polishes and nail art tools (finally!) and a Diamond Protect & Shine Top Coat by Elegant Touch Nail Treatments (Mum paid for the top coat hehe :P).

Let's go over the storage box first...

As soon as I saw it I said hmm that would look great in my room... the colours match perfectly and it has plenty of room to store all my thingies in, and the flowers design is just so cute! *consultation with Mum and she agrees with me* yayy!!!! Here's a picture of it:

and one of the drawers:

Its dimensions are as follows:

- Height of box = 38.5 cm
- Width of box = 25.8 cm
- Length of box = 33.2 cm

- Height of 1 drawer = 8 cm
- Width of 1 drawer = 32 cm
- Length of 1 drawer = 21.5 cm

Now my Dad will work out some partitions to put in the drawers for easier separation of the nail colours :D

On to the top coat...

This is what the package looks like:

Compared to other top coats I previously owned, this one was more expensive (€8.30 ouch!!) so I really expect it to be tough a do an excellent job. On the box there is written that it protects nails from damage, contains diamond powder and prevents nail colour chipping. What I can say till now about it is that it really gives a glossier finish to a manicure (I'm wearing it now) but I have to test it out first to draw any conclusions...we'll see!

Maybe tomorrow I will have my brown box waiting for me when I come home from my gel nail extensions lesson and I will post some updates from that as well!

Stay beautiful,

Lara xoxo
5 comments on "This morning's teeny weeny haul"
  1. The boxes are really pretty i love storage things x

  2. Thank you nicoletta :)

  3. I really need some more storage and this is just super cute :D

  4. Glad you like it Hannah :) x

  5. Oh I love the storage box, soooo cute! :) post a picture when you're done moving all your nail polishes inside that storage box! ;)