Today's Market Haul

This morning I was off my summer placement from hospital and since my boyfriend is also on leave, we decided to take the opportunity to visit Vittoriosa Market.

As usual, there were a lot of stalls selling all kinds of things... household items, toiletries, clothes, accessories, make up, etc. As you might have guessed hehe I stopped by each and every make up stall to see which nail polish colours I will buy. Finally, I settled on two 2-in-1 nail art brush and pen (12ml each) by Nail Star and a La Femme glittery gold nail polish. Together, they cost me €7. You can imagine my bf rolling his eyes and exclaiming 'more nail polishes???!! don't you have enough already?!'

I also got a cute white pair of shorts with a purple hawaiian flowers print for the beach (hey they match one of my bikinis!). These were €4. The bf didn't complain about these though :P

3 comments on "Today's Market Haul"
  1. Nice little buys there. Men will never understand just how much we need every cosmetic item we can get our hands on lol.
    I love markets x

  2. Thank you nicoletta :) haha love the comment about men xx

  3. More nail polishes?? lol ;) Such cute shorts, I love them!! :) Btw I ordered today the nail art plates I posted about on my blog!! Yay!! :D