5 Bronzer Blunders to Avoid

Bronzers are very sought after these days, but do you know the critical steps to making this complexion-enhancing trick work for you? You should, because everything from skin type to brush type can affect your bronzed look. Read on to find out the five most common bronzer mistakes so you can avoid looking fake and start looking fab!

~ 5: You Forget that Real Tans Don’t Sparkle

Spending time in the sun can give your skin a glow—but it will never, ever make it sparkle! Avoiding bronzers with large flecks of shimmer or glitter will not only make your bronzed effect appear more natural and sophisticated, but you won’t have to worry about the shine flaking.

~ 4: You Choose the Wrong Texture for Your Skin Type

Just like with your foundation or blush, how a product works on your skin depends on the interaction between the texture of the product and your skin type. Luckily, there are plenty of bronzer options to suit every skin type. Dry skin may prefer lotion-like liquid bronzers or prefer to moisturize a few minutes before applying powders, while oily skin will appreciate gels and most bronzing powders.

~ 3: You Overlook the Rest of Your Body

We’ve all seen that woman who has that beautifully bronzed complexion—that ends at her jaw line. When we’re looking intently at ourselves in the mirror it’s easy to forget that our made-up faces are part of a bigger picture. Keep in mind that your bronzer should add warmth and a subtle glow to your face, but it should not separate your head from the rest of your body. If you don’t self-tan, consider adding a bit of liquid bronzer to your sunscreen or body moisturizer to add some color from the neck down.

~ 2: You Apply Way Too Much Product

Bronzer should be used to warm up and accentuate your natural skin tone—not to create your skin tone alone! Begin by using it sparingly, like a highlighter on the tops of cheekbones, the bridge of your nose—places that would naturally get more sun. Instead of a fluffy powder brush, try a wide fan brush (you can even get a large one at the craft store) for applying bronzer. You should apply with feather-light pressure, and remember it’s easier to add more than to remove a heavy-handed application. Another tip is to apply your bronzer before your eye makeup, otherwise it’s even easier to go too heavy.

~ 1: You Pick Out the Wrong Shade and Tone

Unfortunately, there are many bad bronzer shades out there, but selecting the right shade for your skin is absolutely critical. Avoid shades that are too orange, too red, too gold, too sparkly, or too brown. Search for shades that are light latte or caramel brown. Mild pink or really soft red to copper undertones are ok, too, because tan skin often has these undertones naturally. The very best way to see how a bronzer shade will look on your skin tone is to literally test it on your finger. If it has even the slightest orange cast, move on to the next one.
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  1. Great post Lara!! You're so right about the sparkly bronzers lol !


  2. Thank you Stav :) so true ain't it?