Current Lemmings...

*WARNING* Serious purse damage is going to take place in the coming months! As you might have guessed, a huge list will unfold in this post, so let's get started!

Cosmetics ~ I've been hooked on e.l.f. cosmetics ever since I got to know about them. I am currently waiting for their upcoming promotion when they hit 61,000 likes. I hope it will be free shipping as I hate to have to pay for shipping when with its cost I can other items. Anyways, here is what I *need* (if the bf were here he would say 'It's amazing how you always find a way to make unnecessary cosmetics purchases become needs' hehe):

Apart from these, I also want a whole array of nail polishes:

Burgundy, Dark Red, Coral, Light Pink, Nude, Pearl Pink, Moonlight, Gum Pink, Fluorescent Pink, Chocolate.

Also, some new stuff e.l.f. UK is expecting to arrive in September:

Zit Zapper, Mango Madness, Cranberry, Red Velvet nail polishes as well as a Matt Finisher Top Coat

More Nail Stuff ~ OK so, becoming a nail technician requires a lot of supplies to satisfy your clients' needs.

~ Rhinestones
~ Electric Nail File
~ More stamping nail art image plates
~ Colour gels
~ Builder gels
~ Nail strengtheners and top coats


~ The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
~ Lavender Essential Oil
~ Body Scrub
4 comments on "Current Lemmings..."
  1. ooo i may try the matt finisher...i have natural nymph lipstick and its way too light for me i have used it twice. send me your addrss to and i will send it to you as a gift. Are you on facebook..if so send me a friend request (Martine Tuckley) cos theres some nail groups i think you will interested in xx

  2. That's very sweet of you Martine :) thanks a lot xxx

  3. Lara let me know what you think of Natural nymph lipstick because its on my list and really want to get it but i am not to sure.

  4. Yeah sure Ashley I will post a review as soon as I get it and try it out :)