G is for... Guy Grooming!

If you had to stop a woman in the street and ask her about her beauty regimen, you are bound to stay there listening to her for AT LEAST half an hour! First there's the face care routine, then make up and nails, next are the hair and depilation. There are also the colours which would be in vogue at the time and that's not even getting anywhere near deciding what to wear!!! Complicated but fun!

On the other side of the fence...men ehh! The best you can hope for are cleanclothes and the occasional shave and hair cut! Then there's aftershave for a date and deodorant for hot days. Pretty different ey??

Girls, get the men in your life to read these 10 short, simple and easy to accomplish basic care tips.

1. Clean. If you want people to be attracted to you, you must keep yourself clean. This means that the t-shirt you have been wearing for 3 days on end must go into the laundry bin and yes, you must get another one out of the drawer, possibly iron it and wear it with equally clean denims. And don't forget to wash before you put them on.

2. Wear clean underwear. What mum used to say still goes - always wear clean underwear, just in case.

3. Shave. Ok, so you've got a beard or moustache. Get it trimmed in line with what you originally planned for it to look like. Loose, straggly hairs make for unkempt men. Take Sean Connery - an older gentleman who always looks impeccable, beard and all.

4. Get a haircut. Don't neglect your hair! And if you have long hair, shape it!

5. Hairy noses and ears. I know this is the way nature treats you as you age. But there are such things as clippers, trimmers and barbers.

6. Skin care. Cleansing your face does not mean you only wash it with soap and water. Buy a cleanser specific your your skin type which you can use in the shower. Creams and moisturizers do not need to be sticky and messy - men's products are designed in such a way so as not to be sticky and messy and get easily absorbed.

7. Smelly feet. If yours fall under this category, it is time to re-think your personal hygiene and the kind of socks and shoes you wear. Podiatrists agree that if you keep your feet really clean, it will lessen the likelihood of them smelling. Use talc or antiperspirant deodorant for feet, change socks often and choose ones which are made of pure cotton. If your feet are particularly sweaty, get extra help by simply soaking them in a small basin for 15 minutes - add some vinegar to the water and sit there while you're watching the game. Alternatively, you can use four tea-bags in a mug of hot water and add it to the cold water in your basin. Both vinegar and tea have astringent properties. Invest in good quality shoes that allow your feet to breathe. If you wear flip-flops in summer, wipe them clean every wear with a white cloth soaked in vinegar.

8. Brush your teeth. Do this twice a day, especially if you smoke. Visit your dentist regularly. Dirty teeth lead to halitosis (bad breath) which makes others reel back in discomfort.

9. Hands. Look down at your hands. What do you see? Are your nails too long, too short or dirty? Is the skin around them peeling, dry or rough? If so, they need attention! Soak your hands in warm water & clean your nails with a nail brush. Dry them very carefully. Cut the nails straight across; use some body lotion or hand cream and massage into your hands. Do this once a week and you'll soon see a difference!

10. Sun block. When exposing your skin you should always wear sunblock to protect yourself.

Lara xoxo

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