Models Own Facebook 50% Sale

I recently came across this brand in Glamour magazine. There were some of their nail polishes featured and I thought hmmm with such nice shades I should give these ago. I looked up the site and then their facebook page. They not only sell nail polishes, but also a whole make up range.

Currently, they have a sort of campaign running. If they reach 10,000 likes on their fb page, they will have a 50% sale for all their fb fans.

What are you waiting for?? Click here to like their page and invite your friends!!!

P.S. Have any of you tried products from Models Own? What do you think if them?
3 comments on "Models Own Facebook 50% Sale"
  1. can you link the sites hun x

  2. just linked it this sec :) xx

  3. I haven't tried anything from them, so I'd like to hear some opinions! :D