My Eyeshadow Collection

A couple of days ago in the Deborah Palette review, I said I have a lot of eyeshadows to get through and today I decided to share my collection with you. I don't mean to brag as I'm sure there are many of you out there who have way more eyeshadows than I do. But anyway, feel free to browse through and leave comments :) As usual, click on the pictures for a larger view. Enjoy :) xxx

Mono Eyeshadows

These are all by Collistar and a friend of mine who happens to be a beautician has given these samples a few years back. They are still good and I like all the colours. I am actually looking for an empty palette to store these in as their plastic cases are wearing-off. If anyone of you stumbles across one please let me know :)

Next are two eyeshadows from Rimmel. Mum bought these a while back and never used them so she gave them to me. I like the brown one better as it is more pigmented than the silver one. For the latter, I have to apply several times to achieve the best colour.

These two are pigments from Miners. My aunt gave them to me once. They are very very pigmented and as you can see from the photos, they are very shimmery as well.

Eyeshadow Palettes

This small trio was a gift from another aunt and as you can clearly see, I've pretty much used up all the middle shade! It is very versatile and works for both day and night alone or with other shades apart from those in the trio. The kit is by Covergirl and also comes with an eyeshadow applicator.

I had reviewed these three palettes a while back, so please click on their names to see a full review and swatches.

This photo shows the eyeshadows in a Technic palette I got as a Christmas gift. The kit also contains 3 blushers and 10 lip-glosses. The numbers on the shadows correspond to the swatch since there are no names for the eyeshadows.

Having too many eyeshadows, I can't leave them lying around all over the place so I found a novel way to store them... the ones in use are put in an e.l.f. cosmetics delivery box tucked under my vanity table!

Lastly, here are two unopened palettes. I'm resisting the urge to use them... they have such beautiful hues!! These were both given to me by my bf's aunt.

The eyeshadows in this one are located in the upper deck together with a small mirror whilst the middle one contains 8 lipglosses, a lip brush and an eyeshadow applicator; the last deck houses 4 blushers and a blush brush. I love the small and compact design of this palette and the way it opens up.

However, in my opinion, this palette has the most amazing colours I can't wait to start playing with it! It contains 32 beautifully pigmented eyeshadows, 3 blushers, 6 lip glosses, 2 eyeshadow sponge applicator, 1 blush brush & 1 lip brush... all in a beautifully presented, sleek, black box with a large mirror. Here's a close-up of the eyeshadows:

Which palette(s) did you like best ladies?

Lara xoxo
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