Nailene's Second Giveaway prize

Yesterday, I came home to a regular white envelope with the Pacific World Corporation logo on the front and a Nailene logo sticker on the back... I instinctively knew it was the nail art I had won in their second giveaway just by participating!

Here's what I got:

~ Salon Accents Nail Art flower stickers

~ 4 small sheets of 4th of July stickers

~ 2 sheets of round silver rhinestones

Nailene are hosting their last giveaway which will last through to Friday 20th August 10am sharp. To participate, simply click here. Good luck :)
2 comments on "Nailene's Second Giveaway prize"
  1. Hey Lara, sorry to hear you did win the Grand prize...(i didnt either, boo hoo) :D I got sent the same prize through the post just yesterday...Can't wait to try them out.

  2. Hey Hannah :) yeah me too can't wait to try them. don't forget to take part in their last giveaway which will last till tomorrow morning 10am so you're still in time :) good luck :)