No Fuss De-Fuzzing!

There exist various methods to depilate different parts of the body. In this post, I will go into these methods with both their pros and cons + some tips as well.

~ Shaving

Shaving eliminates body hair from the surface of the skin (like trimming the hairs very close to the skin). It is most effective on legs and underarms.

Pros: Cheap, quick and painless

Cons: hair grows out faster, usually within 2 days.

Shaving Tips: 1. Use a moisturizing shaving foam/gel and a moisturizing body lotion

2. Using a hair minimizer lotion after shaving, means less frequent
3. Leave the shaving cream on for a couple of minutes before shaving so
that the hairs become softer for an easier shave.

~ Tweezing

Very time consuming since the hairs are plucked out one by one. It is best for small body parts like the eyebrows or to remove any stray hairs you may have skipped on shaving.

Pros: total control over eyebrow shape

Cons: may be painful and may cause redness in the area for some time.

Tweezing Tip: Apply a warm compress to the skin you are going to remove hairs from to open up the pores and minimize discomfort. Alternatively, you can hold some ice on the area to numb it.

~ Waxing

Relatively quick method of depilating which removes the hairs from their very roots.

Pros: Long lasting results, usually up to 4 weeks

Cons: May cause pain and redness, you have to wait for the hairs to be of the right length to wax again, otherwise, they won't be removed.

~ Depilatory Creams

These creams contain a hair weakening agent and thus make it possible for the unwanted hair to be removed, simply by wiping it away. It is important to test the skin compatibility on a small patch of skin before going on with using the cream on a larger area.

Pros: Cheap, results last longer than when using a razor

Cons: Bad smelling

~ Bleaching

If you temporarily want to make body hair invisible without shaving, bleaching is the right solution for you. The formulation contains hydrogen peroxide which bleaches the hairs and makes them less visible.

Pros: results last from 2 to 6 weeks

Cons: not suitable for dark skins and dry hair

~ Sugaring

Similar to waxing but is made up of lemon juice, water and sugar. Very popular in Middle Eastern Countries.

Pros/Cons: same as waxing

~ Electrolysis

A needle through which an electric current is passed to kill the hair root is employed in this technique.

Pros: Permanent

Cons: Expensive, several treatments may be needed, painful

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  1. Very interesting Lara!! :) I can't stand painful hair removal methods! lol