NOTW: Sparkles Garden

Hello my lovelies :) This is my first NOTW post and I decided to do something pretty, natural and summery. Here is what I used to create the design:

From left to right:

~ e.l.f. Clear nail polish (base coat)
~ florelle nail polish in white
~ cheap glittery polish
~ Elegant Touch Diamond Protect & Shine Top Coat
~ Revlon Cuticle Moisture Oil
~ nailene Bedazzle Nail Art Stickers in Super Star
~ nailene Perfect tips & toes French polish tip guides

So, let me go through the polish application. After pushing cuticles back with a cuticle pusher (I use nailene cuticle pumice sticks), I applied one coat of elf clear nail polish to serve as a base coat. After a couple of minutes to ensure it is dry, I stuck the tip guides (curved ones) to each nail to separate the tip from the rest of the nail. I normally don't use tip guides but I wanted to try these out so that I can review them later on. I then applied two coats of white nail polish to my nail tips.

When completely dry, I took off the guides and applied one coat of the sparkly nail polish. Next, I selected the stickers from nailene Bedazzle Super Star nail art stickers and stuck them to the ring fingers and thumbs. I finished the manicure with a coat of glossy top coat. Et voila! here's the final result:

What do you think ladies?

Lara xoxo
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