Review: Deborah stories Eyeshadow Palette (large)

Here's another palette I got as a Christmas Gift. I never actually had to buy eyeshadows cos I get so many as gifts (I have tons more to use up and two palettes which I haven't yet used :S; it's the same story with body lotions but at least I use these quickly).

Anyway, this palette is one of my faves for various reasons. Primarily, it was given to me by my neighbour as I take care of her adorable 4-year old daughter when she's not home (at the time she bought me the palette, her daughter was like 1 and a half years old ^.^). Secondly, Deborah is one of my top make-up brands; thirdly, the butterfly design (inside) & orange colour of the palette and finally, all those bright eyeshadow colours!!!

The palette comes supplied in a transparent plastic box (which I threw away long ago) and it contains:

~ Big mirror
~ Mini Black Mascara
~ Mini Black Eye-Pencil
~ 3 overlapping decks of eyeshadows x 12 each, a total of 36 eyeshadows!!!!
~ 2 wedge eyeshadow applicators
~ 1 blush brush

First, let's start off with the supplied extras.

Mirror: a good-sized mirror which I use to get a better picture of how the eyeshadow application is going.

Black Mascara: I've used this mascara in no time! It was so tiny so I got through it after like a month or so.

Black Eye-pencil: I was really disappointed with this pencil I'm afraid. It was hard to apply and even after warming it for some time, still no colour would transfer. I chucked this out.

Eyeshadow Applicators: there were 2 of these in the palette. However, they were so small, even with my tiny hands I couldn't quite get to grip them and apply the eyeshadow. I also threw these away.

Blush Brush: yet another flaw! Again, the bristles were like less than 1cm in collective width! How would you expect to apply blusher on the cheeks? And again, this found its way in the bin.

And here is the review on the eyeshadows!

All the points lost by the palette for the supplied extras, were surely regained when I tried the eyeshadows. They are really pigmented and really stand out... even the lightest of them! The shadows glide on smoothly and last pretty much all day/night long without fading or creasing!

Being powdery, it is best to use a sponge or wedge eyeshadow applicator to apply these as the bristled brushes will contribute to powder falling on your face whilst applying. If you don't own a wedge applicator, use a tissue underneath your eye whilst applying the eyeshadows.

My favourites have to be all the green hues and the mauve shades. Which shade(s)do you like best ladies?
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