Review: e.l.f. professional Blending Wedges

Recently, I came to know about a nail art technique called sponging and to create designs with it, you need some blending make-up wedges so I decided to purchase some from e.l.f. cosmetics.

However, when I received the package, I changed my mind on using them for sponging. Not because they are not good or anything but they are so cute I was a bit hesitant to transform their pinkish colour into a rainbow of nail polishes. Thus, I decided to keep these for blending my tinted moisturizer (I don't use liquid foundation and the moisturizer can be easily washed off) and bought some wedges for nail art from a market. This is elf's package:

You get 8 small, pink wedges in a discrete and convenient pack. The wedges have a slight plastic odour to them.

When comparing these wedges to regular ones, they are smaller but wider. I find they give me total control over blending the tinted moisturizer and being so small, they can be used for those hard to reach areas. They are also easy to clean afterwards and do not take much time to dry.

Lara xoxo
2 comments on "Review: e.l.f. professional Blending Wedges"
  1. Lara you should try the sponging on your nails...not as easy as it looks but effective..i did mine a few months ago and they looked cool x