Review: e.l.f. Professional Smudge Eye Sponge

In my very first order from e.l.f. cosmetics I bought a smudge sponge to blend pencil eyeliners because I thought it's better than a bristled brush I had been using.

I was using a small blending brush from my Fraulein 38 brush set. It is a very good brush but due to the bristles the blending was a bit tricky to achieve so I bought the e.l.f. Professional Smudge Eye Sponge. This is what both brushes look like:

The Smudge Eye Sponge is in fact a small, round sponge and gives excellent results. The handle is very ergonomic and I can use it in different angles very easily. I like the fact that the sponge is round and smallish because I can achieve good blending and fine detailing with my eye make-up.
It comes supplied in a handy plastic, transparent pocket (I now use to store my nail files) but I keep it with my other Fraulein 38 brushes.

The sponge is easy to clean... just like bristle brushes and doesn't take too long to dry.

This Smudge Eye Sponge retails at £1.50 and you can get it online from e.l.f. cosmetic's website (link further up).

Lara xoxo
3 comments on "Review: e.l.f. Professional Smudge Eye Sponge"
  1. I have this too (it came in a set) and I find it too hard to use near the eye area :/


  2. Hmm that's strange :S It works perfectly well for me