Review: Estee Lauder Two-in-One Eyeshadow Wet/Dry Formula

I love Estee Lauder make-up and my aunt is the one to blame! She always gets me some make-up from this brand whenever she visits and the last time she was here she got me the eyeshadow palette I will be reviewing, a lip pencil and eyeliner pencil to go with it!

Here's how the palette looks:

Sleek brownish case with the names of the eyeshadows in gold and a good-sized mirror... every inch of it screams classy & chic! Probably, the first thing that catches your eye in the photo is the empty Khaki eyeshadow space. I loved this colour so much I've used all of it in no time (I have backups though hehe)!

You can see from the photo above that the eyeshadows are very well pigmented. What I love about these is the fact that most of them are neutral shades and go with everything. I'm a big fan of neutral eyeshadows and never get enough of them. I love how the dark and light shades blend well together to create both subtle and even dramatic looks. Don't get me wring here though! I love colored eyeshadows as well :) I usually apply an eyelid primer underneath the eyeshadow to help them last longer and it also enhances the colour; this also eliminates need to wet them.

* A similar Khaki shade from another palette is swatched to give you an idea of the colour.

The palette also comes with two wedge eyeshadow applicators but these didn't last long. I had to throw them away after a couple of washes because they were withering.

Have you ever tried any make-up by Estee Lauder? How did you find it?

Lara xoxo
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