Review: Lycia Depilazione Soothing Milk with Pure Soothing Oils

Ever wonder what is it that when you have your unwanted body hair removed professionally, the results seem to last longer? No, it is not the fact that at home you use a razor whilst the beauty therapist uses warm wax! It is the cream/oil they apply to the area afterwards!! I only visit the beautician when I want to be pampered or have a special occasion or if I want to get rid of body hair from a hard to reach area so I thought I'd look for a hair minimizer to use at home. This is a supermarket find which I'm so happy about. Ladies, say hello to Lycia Depilazione Soothing Milk with Pure Soothing Oils.

Here's what's written on the back of the bottle:

'Lycia Post Depilazione milk is a soothing milk that guarantees an immediate sensation of well-being because its soothing oils prevent and soothe reddening, helping to restore the skin's natural softness and effectively removing any wax residue. The soothing milk makes your hair removal treatment las linger as the Larrea divaricata extract slows down hair re-growth.'

When I looked up what Larrea divaricata extract (the image shows the L. divaricata flower) is, I was a bit worried as there were a lot of negative things being said about it. Most of the sites I looked up said it is not good for pregnant women and those suffering with kidney disease amongst other conditions. However, according to, this is only the case when exposed to the ingredient on its own, not products containing it. Larrea divaricata is an extract of the chaparral and it has been reported to be used in hair growth inhibitors, facial cleansers and lip balms to mention a few. I was still hesitant to use this product though so I tested it on a small patch of skin to see if I were allergic to it but nothing developed after 24 hours so I continued using it.

The white cream comes in a 150ml format tube, so you are guaranteed that this will last a long time as you only need a small amount. I've had mine for like two years.
I have noticed that hairs are growing out finer and also take more time to grow so I guess this cream is doing it's job. Also, it has no particular smell to it.

On a finishing note, I think I will buy this again, provided I keep seeing the results.

Have you ever encountered Larrea divaricata as an ingredient in some product or other? If you'e ever used a hair minimizer, what do you think about their action?

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  1. Anonymous13/2/12 02:57

    Hey where can u buy this online?? I'm in California and I can't find any website that ships to America. Help!!

    1. Hi arialeyli :) thanks for stopping by! I'm afraid I do not know of any websites that sell Lycia products. have you tried ebay? It could be that the product has been discontinued :(