Review: Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks & Tonics

As part of my skin cleansing routine, I like to use a face mask twice a week to draw out impurities and leave my skin soft and clean inside-out. For this job, I like to use Montagne Jeunesse face masks and tonics. I have quite a few favourites from their extensive range and I am going to share these with you along with my thoughts about them. You can browse their full range on their website.

Currently, I am using Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate masque. I really like the packaging of the whole Montagne Jeunesse range, it's colourful, fun and just by looking at it, you can already drift into relax mode. All of their masks and tonics (and I suppose their other products as well), smell good enough to eat!

They can be a bit thick especially the Chocolate mask and the Red Hot Earth Sauna Mask so you have to take a bit longer to remove all traces but the results are well worth as you are left with soft, smooth and clean skin. The Red Hot Earth Sauna heats up gently on contact with your skin to open up pores for a deeper clean. The same goes for Sauna Fudge. The latter is my absolute favourite (yeah I'm a sucker for everything with vanilla in) along with Strawberry Souffle. What I like about the Strawberry Souffle mask is (apart from the smell) the fact that the mask leaves my face with a subtle hint of shimmer particles.

Apart from the masks, I sometimes use tonics, usually when I don't have that much time on my hands. The tonics come in the form of fabric sheet masks with precut spaces for the eyes, nose and mouth (detach the bits) and you just pop them on your face for 5 minutes and you're done!

And here are my favourites:

(All images used are from the Montagne Jeunesse site).

Have you ever tried Montagne Jeunesse masks?

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