Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish Loose Powder Foundation in 100 Ivory

I started using foundation only recently and I still don’t use it everyday. I only use foundation when I really need coverage, say I have a nasty pimple or my skin looks pale; but otherwise I skip it altogether.

Having oily skin, I use a mineral foundation since it absorbs the excess oil from my face and preventing it from looking and feeling like an oil-rig by midday. Today, I will review Rimmel Lasting Finish Loose Powder Foundation in 100 Ivory which is what I am currently using.

As always, let’s start by taking a look at the packaging. The foundation comes supplied in a round plastic twist-cap jar along with a small kabouki brush, all in an ordinary cardboard box.

The brush: myself having small hands, it isn’t much of a problem getting to grip the brush but it is still a bit difficult to manage. However, it does distribute the product evenly onto my face so I kept the brush just in case my larger and more ergonomic powder hasn’t dried yet after a wash. I don't really like the bristles though because they feel a bit harsh and take ages to dry after washing, not to mention the fact that they do shed quite a lot.

The foundation: on opening the foundation jar, there is a small rectangular piece of plastic with a flap. This is there to keep the foundation from spilling from the holes. Mine is no longer there as the flap got torn and it was difficult to remove the protective plastic by hand and in the morning’s rush, I don’t want to fiddle at it with the tweezers so I removed it.

All you do to get the product out is tap a little in the cap and the use a brush to apply it onto your face and neck. The foundation is very powdery but goes on seamlessly and gives my face an even-toned look without being obvious and this is why I like this foundation so much! Also, the colour Ivory matches my skin perfectly. It lasts me the whole day without the need of touching up and it comes off easily with some make-up remover.

On the outer pack, there is written that the product is:
~ Oil Free: makes sense as powdery make-up is suited for oily skins as it absorbs excess oils

~ Talc Free: makes the product hypoallergenic to sensitive skins

~ Preservative Free: most mineral make-up is preservative free and again, this makes it better for sensitive skins.

~ Fragrance Free: again, the product will be less bound to give skin an allergic reaction if it is fragrance free. In fact, the product carries no scent.

This foundation is available in the 5 shades shown in the next image:

I can't remember how much this foundation cost me exactly but I purchased it as I saw it was a reasonable price for 6.5g of product with a 30 month expiry period.
4 comments on "Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish Loose Powder Foundation in 100 Ivory"
  1. I have the exact same product and I really like it too. The price was about 7 euros if i remember correctly :)

  2. 7 - 9 euros I think. but I wasn't sure so I didn't include it :) it really is a great product :)

  3. I think it depends on where you buy it from :)