Tips & Tricks: False Eye Lashes

Recently I was sent 2 pairs of false eyelashes by Revlon for reviewing. To be honest, I have never worn false eyelashes and consequently I am very green in the area. There are so many questions I have regarding their application!! My prayers were answered yesterday by Shu Uemura on their facebook page!! Here's what they say:

~ Start by making sure your hands are clean. Your fingers are going near your eyes after all. - Pick out the set you like and carefully peel them off the packaging. Use tweezers as to not damage the shape.

~ Measure the lashes so you know they’re the right length for your eye shape. If they’re too long, trim them little by little from the inner corner.

~ Hold the lashes by both ends, carefully, and soften the band to give them a curve.

~ Next step is the adhesive. For first timers, dab a small glob of glue on a cotton swab and slide the edge of the false lashes along the glue. Not too much, just a thin strand of adhesive will be enough. The adhesive is usually white but don’t worry, it dries clear.

~ Wait at least 15 seconds so the glue gets a bit ‘tacky’ for a better hold.

~ Application time! Start from the outside corner of the eyelash line and work your way in. Once you’ve put them on a good spot on the outside of the eye you’ll have an easy time placing them the rest of the way. On top of the eyelashes of course, not on the lashes you already have!

~ Next is a little eyeliner to erase the starting edge of the lashes and you’re set.

Here are also some tips for beginners like me:

If it feels like a giant butterfly landed on your eyelashes, don’t panic, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll adjust and forget they’re even there. Plus, you’ll love how you look. If you loved them, and we’re sure you did, and you want to maximize the life of your false lashes for future use, follow these quick easy steps:

~ Don’t apply mascara on them. Sometimes it’s necessary, but if you’re trying out fantasy lashes or this season’s new partial floral feather lashes (link to eyelashes) then absolutely not!

~ Carefully remove the lashes from your eye starting from the outside working your way in.

~ Remove any excess adhesive with a set of tweezers and place them back in the packaging. This way they’re ready for next time!

Finally, here's a picture of the eyelashes I was sent by Revlon:

From left: Natural Defining, Dramatic 3x Volume, Precision Lash Adhesive.

I will communicate my thoughts and findings to you as soon as I get the opportunity to try these out :)

Have you ever worn falsies ladies? Any more suggestions on their application?

Lara xoxo
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