Back from shopping :D

Hello my lovelies I hope you had a great day today, and if you had a not-so-great day, I hope you still managed to find something positive in it :)

In this quick post I want to share with you what I just bought :D I went shopping at Peacocks for a couple of hours with my personal stylist aka Mum and this is what I ended up getting:

The most gorgeous pair of military boots ever!!!! I love the detailing and the shoes are soooooo comfortable I might battle a whole field with them haha :P The best bit is that right now till the end of October, Peacocks here in Malta have an offer for students with a valid student card... you get 15% off their new collection and non-sale items. Originally, the shoes cost €48.50 but on offer, I got them for €41.20!!!! I know they are still a bit on the expensive side but I loved them and have been luring around for ages to find THE perfect pair!
As for the bag, it is also a gorgeous khaki green color and I snatched it for €4.05 instead of €13.50 since it was on sale.

Here is a close-up of each:

Hope you like them as much as I do :D

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3 comments on "Back from shopping :D"
  1. Oh I like the shoes Lara!! :)

  2. Thank you Stav :) I think I'm gonna wear them tonight if it's not raining -_- blehh I hate rain!! I don't want to ruin them!!

  3. I absolutely love the bag, it's gawjuws :)
    The shoes are cute, too :)