Choosing the right nail file

Choosing the right nail file is very important when it comes to strong, healthy nails especially if you're trying to grow yours out. A good nail file is the secret to a successful manicure.

There are various types of nail files available on the market but you have to first know your nails not just buy the first nail file that you see. Some are expensive, some are cheap and some are in the middle of the road. Some are made of steel, other cardboard and others glass/crystal. So how do you go about choosing the right one for you?

First of all, assess your nails. How do they feel? Soft? Normal? Hard? Do they flake or split easily?

Soft nails: a soft emery board best suits these nails as it does not cause them to split.

Normal nails: a medium strength nail file calls for here. If a strong nail file is used, you may cause the nails to split and if a soft nail file is used, you will have to file the nails harder and cause splitting as well.

Hard nails: a hard nail file is best for these nails as using a softer nail file will cost you more time to get the job done and cause damage to the nails.

Some bonus tips:

- If you have very long nails and want to go shorter, it is best to trim your nails first using a pair of manicure scissors and then file your nails to the desired shape rather than filing them down to size since this causing splitting.

- If you're unsure about the shape to give to your nails, file them in a shape that mirrors your cuticle.

- Do not file in a sawing back and forth motion as this also causes splitting. It is best to file in one direction.

- Keep a small nail file in your bag so that if you get the urge to bite your nails, file them instead and if you happen to break one, file it in shape immediately!

- Finally, remember this: Nails are not tools!

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