It's Bath Time!

A couple of weeks ago, there was a sweepstakes competition on the R8Beauty Facebook page where they were giving away 10 gift sets for review from Unfortunately I didn't win but I decided to write a post about some products to use to make the most of a hot relaxing bath!

The first thing that comes to mind when someone says they will have a bath is probably Bubble Bath. I personally reach out for more than just bubble bath hehe but this is sure to be there as I like the rich lather it produces. I like Radox bubble baths such as the Muscle Soak since I can get double benefits from it: lather and the refreshing smell which makes unwinding as easy as 123! Different bubble baths have different scents and therefore you can choose one that suits your mood. I also like to put some drops of essential oil in my bath but I will elaborate more on essential oils in another post.

Another product I like to pop in my bath are the bath oil pearls. I remember when I was younger I really liked getting to the Body Shop to buy these in ginorimous quantities and in only one scent... Vanilla!!! I just love the smell of it and it instantly takes me to a better place. I still buy these in fact and I love to watch them change shapes on contact with the hot water before they sort of give in, melt and release the oil in the bath along with a lingering Vanilla fragrance. They leave my skin really moisturized and the smell lasts for a pretty long time as well!

Bath Ballistics are something which although I do not use much, I still appreciate to have a couple just in case. I used a butterfly-shaped one last weekend. It smelt of fizzy candies but the smell didn't last long as it wasn't that strong. But I still giggled like a little girl at the sight of the butterfly darting in the bath!

I once got some Bath Caviar as part of a gift set and decided to try it out. I remember that I had to put almost more than half the tube to get my water lilac so I guess that's why I didn't buy any more caviar for my bath and I don't think it does something to the skin, but you can always give it a go if you'd like to!

Another alternative are Bath Salts. I like use these just to get coloured water hehe and you use less than the caviar as the granules are larger. These release their colour as they melt in the water and I enjoy seeing tiny swirls of colour coming out each one of them.

Obviously, besides these, there are tons more ways to make bath time fun... shower oils, bath creamers, massage bars, bath lotions, bath confetti, etc...

What goes in the bath with you beautiful ladies?

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2 comments on "It's Bath Time!"
  1. great post imwas transported to my bath hehehe

  2. I don't take baths, because I'm afraid that I'll fall asleep and wake up hours later with no skin at all ! LOL! Great post though! :)