My Lovely Follower Award

Yesterday, the ever so gorgeous Rose of Kisses & Makeup awarded me with 'My Lovey Follower Award', so a BIG THANK YOU goes to her for making my day :D. This award is very special since it is my first ever award here, so thanks again Rose for enjoying reading my posts :)

Here are the rules of this award...

1. once you receive this award you must post a picture on your blog that is special to you and state why it is special
2. you must post this award on your blog and thank the lovely person who gave you this award
3. and last of all...pass this award on to 5 lovely followers of your choice in appreciation of their follow

My picture...

This was a tough choice, so after going to piles and piles of pics on my laptop, here's my choice:

This is us (bottom right corner) with our friends at a club in Gouvia, Corfu. This photo is special for me because:
1) It was my first trip with my significant other
2) It was also my first trip without my family
3) I have been wanting to visit Corfu for ages ever since I found out that my great great grandfather was born there in the 19th Century (way back then, here in Malta, we were facing an emigration crisis due to working conditions etc and Corfu was one of the most sought-after places to emigrate in).

I give this award to *drumroll please*

I just love reading her posts and reviews on everything and she's so friendly

This girl really knows how to make the most of those gorgeous eyes she has

I love how she writes about anything that takes her fancy and I totally understand her love for shoes

Again, wonderful posts backed up by youtube vids which I really enjoy

Short and to-the-point reviews on pretty much anything beauty

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