NOTW: Polka Dots

Good morning lovelies :) Sunday has become synonimous with my NOTW and so, without further delay, here's my design for this week...

White polka dots on a dark navy background. So, here's how you can re-create the design yourselves:

Start off with a clear base coat (I use elf's clear nail polish) and when completely dry, stick a straight tip guide right across, making sure that the whole tip is incorporated. Secure the sides to prevent polish leakages and paint on one or two coats of the background colour of your choice. I used one coat of Dark Navy by elf.

When this dries, carefully peel the tip guides off and it's time to start working on the polka dot design. I used a white nail polish (by Florelle) and a dotting tool. Dip the dotter in some white polish and starting from the very bottom of your coloured tip, put dots in a line, leaving some space between them. Continue working your way up by placing the dots in spaces of the previous line as shown in the photo above.

Finally, add a stripe of glitter polish (here, I used silver) and finish off with top coat and some cuticle oil.

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4 comments on "NOTW: Polka Dots"
  1. You totally inspired me!

  2. Wow! That's a nice take on this mani :) I really like it xx glad I was of inspiration :) xx