Review: e.l.f. Dual Pencil Sharpener

Today I am going to be reviewing my e.l.f. Dual Pencil Sharpener which was part of my first shy order from the elf cosmetics website.

The packaging contains two sharpeners, a dual one and a mono one, and they both come supplied in the same blister pack. I will start by reviewing the sharpener I use most, the mono one.

Basically it is your standard sharpener, for the normal sized cosmetic pencils. It measures 2.5 x 1.4 x 1.6cm and therefore, you don't have to worry about space in your travel make up bag. I like the sleek black appearance of this sharpener as it makes it look professional. The pencils are sharpened to a well-defined tip without breaking them and I am therefore very content with this one.

On to the dual sharpener. I have mixed feelings about this sharpener because while I like the innovative format, I don't like the way it sharpens the pencils. First, let's see what's special about the format.

Basically, you get a dual sharpener with a clear base and top which are both detachable to enable thorough cleaning of the blades after use. This sharpener also has a small picking tool (see image on the right) which is intended for cleaning the blades from the pencil residues. I really like that in fact as I have never seen anything like this with other cosmetic sharpeners. Furthermore, an adapter is also supplied so that all the pencils, no matter what size, can be sharpened. I also like the sleek black format on this one.

Now, the reasons I don't like this sharpener as much as I do the mono one. Basically, it has to do with the sharpening. I used the bigger side only once with one of my thicker sized pencils and I was really disappointed. See why for yourselves:

After this rather unpleasant episode, I didn't want to risk my other similar pencils so I used a (clean!) stationery sharpener to sharpen them with. As for the other side, the distance which a pencil is allowed to enter in the sharpener is quite short so I haven't yet figured out which pencils this side is suitable for. Over all, I think I would rate this set of sharpeners a 6/10. How would you rate these? Have you tried them and have a different view about them?

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3 comments on "Review: e.l.f. Dual Pencil Sharpener"
  1. Thanks for the review Lara, you saved me some money! :)

  2. I bought this a while ago and it is still in its original packaging. I have not used it yet, but now I'm a bit scared because I don't want to ruin my make up pencils..

  3. Like I said, the mono one is great, the dual one... i wouldn't risk it