Review: e.l.f. Earth & Water Mascara Duo in Noire and Brown

Here's another elf product review. This time, the spotlight will be lit on Earth & Water Mascara Duo in Noire and Brown which are the only two shades available.

As usual, I am going to start with the packaging. What you get in your brown box is a bit different from what is shown on the website. I was hoping to get a mascara in a clear tube as shown in the site's image since that would show you how much product you've got left; but instead, I got both my mascaras in the opaque tubes that pop up when you click on the mascara swatches on the site. As you can see, the waterproof side is marked as such.

Now, on to the mascara. I am going to start with the brown one as it is the one I use mostly, in fact I have gone through both the regular and the waterproof sides in just over 3 months. The wands are your average mascara wands, so nothing special about them. This applies for the black mascara as well.

I like the way this mascara enhances my lashes in terms of length. As for volume, I can't say I noticed a huge difference but it did volumize my lshes a bit. Then again, this is neither a lengthening nor a volumizing mascara, just your basic everyday mascara. However, applying coats on top of each other and allowing some time for them to dry in between, you may achieve a false-lash effect. Another tip which works for me is, whilst I am applying my eyeshadow, I purposely let some fall on my lashes and then, when I apply my mascara, I will get longer and fuller lashes.

I am very pleased with the regular end but I cannot say the same for the waterproof side unfortunately. Although it does lenghthen my lashes and all, for me, it does not satisfy waterproof criteria. It is a pity because for the beach I prefer using a brown mascara as it gives me a more natural look, but I don't want to end up with mascara running down my face as soon as I emerge from the water!!! I think elf have to rethink the formula with this mascara. I don't know why but it seems the brown shades are never truly waterproof, even the Waterproof Eyeliner Pen.

On to the black mascara. The lengthening and volumising with this mascara is the same as its counter part. However, when it comes to the waterproof side, it is its total opposite. I really like the staying power of this mascara and the drama it adds to my eyes! Even at the end of the day, when I remove it with my make up remover, I still have to go over my eye (gently!) like three times to remove all the traces. Last Wednesday, I spent a whole day by the pool side with my bf, his aunt and cousin and even with all the chlorine in the pool, the mascara didn't come off!! I was actually pretty amazed with this.

On a concluding note, I think I would definitely buy the black mascara again but for a brown mascara, I think I will give the studio Lengthening and Volumising mascara a try.

These mascaras retail for £1.50/€1.70 each from elf UK's website.

Have you tried any of the Earth & Water or the studio mascaras ladies? Post your opinions here and stay beautiful!

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3 comments on "Review: e.l.f. Earth & Water Mascara Duo in Noire and Brown"
  1. Great review! I have tried one of e.l.f's mascaras from the Studio range and didn't think much of it! It might have just been mine though - it was so dry.

    I want to try the mineral one though, to see how that one is.

    Chrystals Beauty Blog

  2. Thank you for your comment Chrystal :) I will post a review on the studio mascara as soon as I get it and have had enough time to test it and we'll see if I have the same problem xxx

  3. Great review Lara! :) Chrystal which one have you tried?