Review: e.l.f. Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils

Recently, the elf cosmetics UK site has increased their regular line eyes range with 9 beautiful shimmering shades of eyeliner pencils. As soon as I saw the colors, I was like 'I have to have them all!!' Since a free shipping promotion was coming up on their facebook page, I decided to wait for it (I love free shipping as with its cost I can get another product or two!); but until then, most of the shades were all out of stock :( I really wanted to get Twinkle Teal, but since it is such a bright colour, I think I'll get it next summer. So, in my last order, I got Iconic Ivory (top) and Boldly Bronzed (bottom).

First, I am going to start the review with features which are common to both of the eyeliners. They come individually in blister packs typical of elf's regular line and each one has a sharpener cap. I tried both of the sharpeners and they work great... no deteriorating of the product or the pencils' wood. Now on to the individual pencils...

I wanted Iconic Ivory so that I can use it as an eye widener because each review that I read/saw about the actual Eye Widener from elf, all agreed that it is very hard to get the pencil to mark etc. So I figured out that this new eyeliner will do the trick. I wasn't wrong at all!

I apply it on my waterlines (upper and lower) to make my eyes appear wide-awake. It only takes one or at most two strokes to get the pencil to mark. Iconic Ivory is a very sheer, pearly, shimmery shade and it feels quite creamy. In fact the pencil does have a soft tip which is great since it is going to be applied in the eye area. With regards longevity, I find this one in particular doesn't last long so I have to touch it up regularly.  Other than that, I am really happy with it and glad I got it :)

Moving to Boldly Bronzed... I love brown hues for my eyes as you can never go wrong with them both for natural and dramatic looks so I had to have this one. I really like the metallic bronze shade and good pigmentation of this pencil and I mostly like to use it to line my upper lash line and sometimes, under my lower lashes. I find that this one lasts longer than Iconic Ivory (even on the waterlines because I tried it) but I still need to touch it up during the day.

Finally, here's a swatch of each:

Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils are available in 9 shades and can be purchased from the elf cosmetics website for £1.50/€1.70 each.

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3 comments on "Review: e.l.f. Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils"
  1. great review, I would love to try them out once they get back in stock :)

  2. I'm planning on getting Twinkle Teal, Grassy Green and Plum. the others didn't impress that much

  3. plum passion, twinkle teal and precious pink are the ones which scream BUY ME to me. but I read reviews that precious pink is not that pigmented. And I saw a swatch of twinkle teal and it looked more greenish than bluish, but colours on photos look different.