Review: e.l.f. Studio Brush Shampoo

I wanted to try e.l.f.'s brush shampoo ever since I got their Daily Brush Cleaner in one of my earlier orders and so, in my last order, I decided to get it. I had like almost a week to play with it and now, here's the review!

The first thing that I noticed and I wasn't that happy about, is the size of the bottle. I mean, compare it to the Daily Brush Cleaner, they are both the same price (€4.00) and for the latter, you get more than double the volume of the shampoo! For reference, you get 120ml for the Brush Shampoo and 250ml for the Daily Brush Cleaner, so please elf, it would be nice if you got this in a larger format :)

Now for the pros, which I gladly say, outweigh the cons (or should that be one, single con??).

I used this brush shampoo twice to clean all my used make up brushes, including the bigger powder, blusher and contouring brushes and I have only gone through a small amount! I learned that a little goes a long way with this shampoo as it produces a nice, foamy lather even with just a drop! Bonus points to the see-through bottle as well as for the dispenser. When I saw this on the site, I thought it had a cap which you unscrew and pour the product out and hence I was a bit skeptical in the sense that it's not really economical to have a dispenser like that; but when I took it out of the box it comes supplied in, I saw it has one of those caps where you press one side to click it open and there's a small hole through which you get the product out.

At this point, some might argue it works just like regular shampoos. Fair enough! I thought that too, but after seeing how much more product was coming out of my brushes with less amount of shampoo and the fresh, anti-bacterial smell my brushes had after washing, I changed my mind. Also, the bristles were all left very soft, pretty much like the first time I got the brushes.

With regards to smell, the shampoo doesn't contain alcohol and so it doesn't impart the same strong smell as the Brush Cleaner does. However, it still has a similar lovely smell, only not as strong.

Would I buy this again? I'm not sure, honestly. I am trying to see how long I can stretch it for and then maybe I decide in the affirmative. The only this that holds me back is the size whilst performance is really good, so probably it will be a yes; only time will tell!

Have you tried the Brush Shampoo or Daily Brush Cleaner ladies? What did you think of them? Would you re-purchase them?

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6 comments on "Review: e.l.f. Studio Brush Shampoo"
  1. Nice review Lara! :) You know that I agree with you about the size, the bottle is too small!! The product is nice though! :)

  2. I think it's a pity :(

  3. I have the daily brush cleaner and it smells awful to me, but it eventually fades away. Plus it does a great job at disinfecting the brush from bacteria. But my bottle leaks just a bit if I tilt the bottle.

  4. That's strange... I never had any problems with leakages. May sound stupid, but did you try tightening the cap?

  5. The leakage comes from the part where you spray, and I have read other reviews saying it leaks, maybe they had a defective bulk or something. It's ok though, I'll just make sure it stays upright.

  6. Hmmm that's a whole other story... keeping it upright is bound to prevent spontaneous leaks