Review: Nivea Visage Young be beautiful! Tinted Moisturizer

Here's the last review for my face care products series, in which I target Nivea Visage Young be beautiful! Tinted Moisturizer. I kept this product for last because it is the least one I use and here I will tell you why.

As usual, the packaging goes first. This is the only product in my face care range which I can't see through the packaging no matter against which light I put it as the tube is completely opaque. Then it's the usual motifs as the other Nivea Visage Young Products. The ingredients are only found on the box in which this tinted moisturizer comes along with a product description (the latter is also found on the back of the actual tube).

This tinted moisturizer comes in a 75ml format and is supposed to 'adapt to your natural skin tone for an even and radiant complexion'. It is only available in one shade, Natural.

I bought this tinted moisturizer due to the above claim as I thought 'hmm this would be perfect for when I don't feel like wearing foundation'. Well, I was wrong... very, very wrong.

To start off with, the shade is very dark for my skin and even though Nivea claim that this adapts to your natural skin tone, I am afraid that I noticed not even a hint of colour change. I gave it a go another time with a little less product but the same dark tone was what I was left with. Here are a couple of swatches:

In the second photo, you can still see where I blended the tinted moisturizer, and this picture was taken a couple of minutes after I blended it to make sure it is dry.

I even tried mixing the tinted moisturizer with my regular one, but sadly, no success there as well. So, I keep this for the summer months only.

Some good points about this tinted moisturizer would be the fact that it is non-comedogenic and it is clinically approved to be compatible with all skin types.

I think having a bigger array of shades would be great for this product as I as quite disappointed but I still believe Nivea can do better... just take a look at my previous posts!!

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