Review: Nivea Visage Young control shine! Mattifying Gel Cream

I am nearing the end of my facial care products reviews and for today, I am going to review Nivea Visage Young control shine! Mattifying Gel Cream. This is my go-to moisturizer and it is the second bottle. The first one lasted for a long time and I am content with that, so let me start the review, as usual with what the packaging of the product looks like.

Basically, this moisturizer comes in a 75ml format in the same 'frosty-glass effect' tube as the facial scrub with abstract flowers motifs in blue and white. It also comes supplied in a carton box with the same print as that on the tube. A product explanation are found at the back of the tube, whilst the ingredients are only printed on the box together with the same product explanation.

Now, for the product itself. The texture is quite creamy, but it gets absorbed really rapidly by the skin so just a little will go a long way. The cream has a light blue colour without any particular smell. It is oil free and contains Ocean Minerals.

For me, this moisturizer works wonders! Firstly, since it is rapidly absorbed, it hydrates my skin quickly. Secondly, it does mattify my skin and keeps it looking like that for long; and thirdly, since this moisturizer contains a UVA/UVB filter, it saves me from having to apply sunscreen as well.

I use this twice daily after cleansing to refresh and hydrate my skin for long periods of time. I find it is an excellent make up base due to its rapid absorption and my make up stays put all day.

Like all my other Nivea products, this moisturizer is non-comedogenic and its skin compatibility is dermatologically approved.

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2 comments on "Review: Nivea Visage Young control shine! Mattifying Gel Cream"
  1. I can not find this any where!!! Is it new or old?

    1. I just saw your post date ... well they must of stopped making it :(