Review: Nivea Visage Young smooth it! Mild Exfoliating Scrub

Who doesn't want smooth and peachy-soft skin? I think I have found the right product to achieve this! Ladies, please give a warm welcome to Nivea Visage Young smooth it! Mild Exfoliating Scrub! I have been through a lot of tubes of this stuff and still love it. Here's why...

As usual, what the packaging looks like...

Basically it's just a transparent tub; well not exactly transparent, more like resembling that frosted glass effect, but you can still see through it and I actually think the peach and white flower motifs along the right side of the tube are cute and add an interesting touch to the product. This comes in a 75ml format which is great as I replace the tube like every 6 months or so. The ingredients and an explanation of the product can be found on the back of the tube.

The actual product...

This scrub works for young skin that is either normal or combination so it works fine for me. It contains extra fine exfoliators to 'effectively remove dead skin cells to smooth the complexion; gently cleanses without drying out the skin; enriched with Peach Extracts, the mild formula softens the skin.'

This product's texture is creamy and leaves a little bit of oily residue which is rinsed off with just some warm water. Being creamy, it doesn't dry my skin and also, the particles in it are not that big and so they are not harsh against the sensitive and less thick skin on the face. They are a nice colour too actually, pink and orange ^.^. With regards smell, the product does give off a faint smell of peaches but it's not really strong or particular.

It is usually recommended to use a scrub as part of your facial cleansing routine twice weekly. This product does not have anything written on the tube with regards frequency of use so I use it every other day at the end of the day when I am cleaning my face before I go to bed. It never broke me out and I like how it makes my skin look and feel so smooth and soft. Furthermore, this scrub is non-comedogenic which makes sense as it is intended to remove dead skin cells and debris from the skin without clogging pores. For those of you who have never heard of the word 'non-comedogenic' or are unsure about what it means, it implies that the product does not clog pores or cause black heads (comedones = black heads). Skin compatibility of this product is dermatologically approved.

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