Review: Nivea Visage Young stay clear! Purifying Toner

Today, I will review another product I use for my facial cleansing routine, my Nivea Visage Young stay clear! Purifying Toner.

As usual, the packaging :)

The bottle is a transparent blue colour with some white and blue abstract flower motifs (similar to those on the facial scrub tube). It has a twist-off cap and a small hole though which the toner comes out. The benefits of having such a bottle are 1) you can see how much is left and
2) you have total control over how much product comes out

The toner is a clear colour and has the usual smell you would expect of a facial toner. You get 200ml or product which for me is a fair amount. The toner is alcohol free so it won't dry out the skin whilst still removing excess sebum and dirt. For me, this is a bonus for two reasons:
First, here in Malta we have what is known as hard water (our water is rich in calcium and magnesium carbonates) and that makes it very drying to the skin; therefore, having a toner that doesn't dry me out prevents my skin from producing excess serum and hence reduce breakouts.
Secondly, I like to use this toner more than once a day to refresh my skin so I wouldn't like it to dry me out.

The refreshing effect of this toner lasts well on my skin and it purifies it without leaving me with that taut-skin feeling. This is mainly why I like this toner so much. It is non-comedogenic, so I don't have to worry about blackheads or blocked pores.

I usually use the toner before and after a scrub and also before and after applying a facial mask to help open and close the pores accordingly.

Like all the other facial products I reviewed in these past days, I have been using this toner for a long time and I am quite happy with it so I intend to change it only when my skin changes :)

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