Review: Revlon Beyond Natural Eyelashes in Natural Defining

A couple of months ago, Revlon sent me some items for reviewing and amongst them, were two pairs of eyelashes. I have only got round to try out the first pair last weekend and today, I am going share my views about it with you :)

Since it was my first time wearing falsies (which the bf didn't approve of as he hates anything fake), I decided to go with the natural pair, which the company names as Natural Defining. Here's what the package looks like:

The packaging is quite flimsy since is made of that glossy plastic but on the back it says 'Eco-Friendly Packaging' so thumbs up for that! Another thumbs up for the black and pink colour of the little box. I am really drawn to black packaging when it comes to cosmetics as I think it gives a professional feel; as for the pink... I'll leave that to your imagination (clue: it won't be hard to figure out why hehe :P).

The contents of the pack are one pair of false lashes and an instruction leaflet, but on the back of the pack, there are the instructions in pictures which I think are more explanatory for a first-time user like me. For more tips and tricks on how to apply falsies, please check out this other post :).

As you correctly understood, the glue isn't provided but a sticker on the front suggests to use Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive (I will review the glue in my next post as it was also sent to me as part of the review package). I am not aware of other companies who don't include the glue with the falsies (like I said, I am a bit green in the subject) so if you know of any, please don't hesitate to include their names with your comments below.

Let's see if the lashes pass the test...

When removing them from the pack, I found it really easy to peel off and I managed not to ruin them! Application was also a lot easier than I thought. I found that sitting at my desk with a magnifying mirror made the application easier than standing in front of my bigger mirror. I think looking down rather than straight ahead helps you control more where the lashes go.

I do agree with the 'Ultra Lightweight' written on the pack as when I wore these I didn't experience that 'giant butterfly just landed on my lashes' feeling. I think I owe that to the thinness of the lashes. I did feel like I was wearing something I am not used to though; then again this only lasted a couple of minutes. I used a lash comb to blend them in with my natural lashes and they didn't feel harsh against the comb and also the falsies didn't even fall off whilst I was combing them.

With regards wear longevity of the lashes, they lasted all night and I was really happy with that, but like I said earlier on, I will talk about that in more detail in my lash adhesive review. However, they easily come off when I applied just a few dabs of eye make up remover. Here's a pic of me wearing the falsies (sry but it was the only good one I have):

Have you ever tried these or another brand's falsies? Do you think they will be big this season?

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3 comments on "Review: Revlon Beyond Natural Eyelashes in Natural Defining"
  1. Nice review Lara! :) They look pretty! :)

  2. Thank you :) yeah I think these are the best! I have another pair but I'm not so sure about them :S will post my thoughts here as soon as I am brave enough to try them hehe