Review: Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive

As promised in my review about Revlon's Natural Defining false lashes, here's my review of the Precision Lash Adhesive.

So, let's start with what the packaging looks like:

As you can see, it is your basic clear plastic packaging with a black and pink cardboard insert with instructions (similar to eyelashes pack) containing a 5ml sized bottle of lash glue or adhesive. 5ml is a good size in my opinion but since I don't know the retail price I cannot say if it reasonable or expensive. Also, considering a 12 month expiry period, for me 5ml are enough. And just as for the lashes, the packaging here is also marked as 'Eco-Friendly'... good to know companies are going greener :).

Now let's see how the adhesive matches to the claims printed on the pack.

1. Ultra Thin Brush... the image below says it all

2. Mess-Free Application... with such a thin brush you cannot go wrong and therefore it really does apply without any mess

3. Dries Clear... like other lash glues mentioned in video tutorials I've seen, the glue appears that translucent whitish-blue colour (much like PVA glue or the nail foil adhesives) but it really does dry clear. In fact, whilst waiting for it to go tacky (approximately 20 seconds), it will start turning clear.

4. Waterproof & Latex-Free... let's start with waterproof. A definite yes that it is waterproof, then again I took it off with just a few dabs of regular water-based make up remover. However, the lashes did last me all night and I was uber happy with that! Now for latex free. I think this is great for latex allergy sufferers and with an area as sensitive as the eyes, extra care is needed and thereby this adhesive fits the bill.

Apart from the above points, what I appreciate this glue for is that it does not impart that pungent glue smell and it is therefore pleasant to work with. Nevertheless, a well ventilated area is always recommended when working with glues and the likes.

So that's basically what I have to say about this lash adhesive and should I buy anymore pairs of lashes, this will be my go-to adhesive for sure!

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