Review: skintruth Eye Contour Gel

An eye gel is an indispensable product for optimum eye care. Since I am only 20 I thought I didn't need this as my skin is still elastic an unwrinkled. However, when I attended a Beauty Care course last February, the beauty therapist said that since the eye area is very delicate and the skin there is very thin compared to other parts of the face, it is of utmost importance to take care of it from an early age. A gel is the best bet for younger skin whilst a rich cream best suits more mature skin as with age, skin tends to get dry and a cream will help retain moisture.

Based on the statements above, I bought skintruth Eye Contour Gel which looks like this:

They say...

A lightweight gel that cools and soothes, reducing puffiness and dark circles around the eye area. It hydrates the skin helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines. A perfect pick me up when applied throughout the day. For all skin types.

I say...

Let's start with the packaging and aesthetic attributes of the gel. I like the packaging as it is nicley sized (30ml) and I also like the light green colour of the gel as it is kind of relaxing just by looking at it. I like the pump dispenser as I can control how much product I take out (just a tiny amount is enough for both eyes) and it is also very hygienic.

One thing to point out is the fact that in the bottle the gel appears light green but when I pump some out, it appears clear. The consistency stays faithful to the definition of a gel product and I really like that. The gel has no particular smell and contains Horse Chestnut Extract. This ingredient is supposed to revive, refresh and moisturize the eye area.

With regards moisturization, I cannot exactly say I have noted a difference as I drink lots of water and my eyes don't get dry but it does have a cooling effect on my eyes (except when I got some in my eye... it burns! so be careful) especially in summer and after a late night. I like to store my eye gel in the refrigerator in the summer months for maximum cooling and de-puffing benefits. Ever since I started using this product, I noticed a decrease in dark under-eye circles. Apart from being an aesthetic bonus, this saves me time when applying concealer as now I need to apply less. Since the product is an astringent and contains plant extracts, I can feel it tightening the area around my eyes.

Application Tips

Here are some tips as to how to apply eye gel or eye cream.

Take/pump an adequate amount on one of your ring fingers and tap both ring fingers against each other to transfer an approximately equal amount of product on each of them. If your cream or gel is in a jar and you have to scoop it out, make sure you use a wooden spatula rather than your fingers to help prevent contamination of the product. Also, you will be wasting product as it gets under your fingernails.

Using a slight, tapping, circular movement (starting from the lower inner corner of your eyes), apply the gel/cream with the finger pads as this will increase the lymphatic circulation.

You can buy this eye gel and other skintruth products here.

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